1. Lantana

    Lobby 16 / Team Syncesta

    Hello Everyone! After years of playing PSO and not having my own team, I have decided to make one! Team Syncesta -- The purpose of this team is to bring together new and old players! Team Syncesta will have a focus on remaining active in the PSO community. While it is not a requirement, active...
  2. Donnie

    Team Golden

    I do not necessarily post this to attract more members. Rather I want to make clear that I have found a team. Well actually I founded a Team. Team Golden. And all the recruitment of all the now 10 Team Members have been done within the game itself. So it is more a thing of how well and fun a...
  3. Brvcx

    Team Mr.WorldWide

    EDIT #1: Seeing how one of my regulars has stopped playing, we've got a spot open. What this means is we could be inviting people over to help with hunts (current objective will be a Pwand, doing Cave cookie runs on A4-ish). A FO would fit the slot perfectly. Hey, A little backstory first. I...
  4. RedtheRAmar

    Red Team - Welcoming All

    Hello! Our team is still growing and always interested in accepting new members. :D As of now we mostly consist of new players & players interested in leveling. We are interested in helping new players and being able to easily form parties to play together. Many of us enjoy building our HBR...
  5. allmirlima

    A>20000 Team Points [Done]

    Res 20 48 hours countdown 24 hours
  6. Tenyo2


    Cytosine Hello friends, I recently created this team for myself and a few friends. If anyone is looking for a team and is unsure which one to join, Cytosine is a good choice. Willing to take any applicants, no real requirements. We're interested in having fun, as well as improving our play...
  7. vri


    New ambitious team is born from the nostalgia of playing Pso, also very inspired by the saga of old and new Phantasy Star games specially 3 and 4 as well, Dark Falz and the Profound Darkness We aim to be rich, both meseta, pds and Uber rares, have a good time while playing, a nice partnership...
  8. Ceri0n

    Team Hunters Boost Road!

    Hi everyone, I sometimes felt frustrated about the fact that there is not an easy HBR game for grabs when I log on. Maybe it is the time I am online and from Europe but I still need to try this. This is also why we have started a team that focusses on HBR. First and foremost I want to add that...
  9. Firkraag

    Shared team bank

    I think it would be useful, if possible, to have a space for items that may be accessed by other members of your team. If I ask for an item by a team mate I would first have to wait for them to finish whatever quest they are doing, then we both leave game and make a new room to make the...
  10. Aubright

    Rhythm Revolution

    Hey! Hey! Hey-hey! Are you new? Do you want some meatshields/friends to join you? Do you not know what you’re doing? If you’ve answered any of these questions, Rhythm Revolution is for you! Pros: New player that hasn’t even unlocked hard mode is the leader. Cons What cons? PM me to join...
  11. Escutcheon

    Hardcore Team: CORE

    A Helpful HARDCORE Team! WELCOME CORE is a small (for now) hardcore team with a focus on helping newer hardcore players stay alive. RULES We expect you to follow all of Ephinea's Rules, no exceptions. We also have a couple guidelines that all are encouraged to follow, as to help keep the...
  12. G

    Looking for team

    Hello. My 3 friends and I are just starting off on this server and are all looking for a team with space for all 4 of us. The hope is that it already has dressing room unlocked or is working on it, and that they have patience in us leveling and working our way up. Thank you for your time reading...
  13. Aemse

    Team vs Team - Soccer Showdown!

    Just throwing this out there, but we should do team vs team soccer game [n.n] Can use this thread to setup games / teams / times / etc... (Doesnt have to be your team, can setup your own personal teams) Your team/mates: Opposing team/mates: Time/Day of the Game: Team Ladder: None yet. [n.n] I...
  14. Dreamcaster

    PSOBB.QC (FR) is trying to gather PSO players from Quebec and bring them to Ephinea. :)

    Hello everyone. I recently started playing PSO on the great server that is Ephinea and decided to start a new team instead of joining an already existing one. There are a few reasons for this decision and I wanted to explain them quickly here. - First of all, I want to make it clear that this...
  15. Kneesocks

    > Harro ^^; o7

    Harro, I'm Kneesocks. Friends call me Knee or Soksu/Socks or just Kneesocks. > Looking for a Team to do all the things with. > DC/XB Ver.1&2/PSO2JP player new to BB.. I love to learn all the things, information and tips are highly appreciated. > I don't like playing alone.. I play caseals...
  16. ElPeloRojo

    New Compared to Most

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd put up a little about me since I do like to join people and vice versa. Normally, I'll/I've be playing on my RAmarl character named Sheily. I've been playing for a while just to see how things are on the server and see what the community is like. I'm glad I found...
  17. makaveli


    Hello everyone and welcome to the ILLUMINATI team thread. This is a team I am a part of on another server, and decided to continue the legacy onto Ephinea. The team was just recently created here, and I will update this thread every so often displaying our achievements/goals. We are a team that...
  18. NDW

    Phantasy Star General (PSG) [Dissolved]

    About Us: Phantasy Star General is a gaming community dedicated to gamers who play online Phantasy Star games. Rules: All Ephinea rules must be followed. No exceptions. All are welcome to join our team. However, we do not want members who seek to, or actively disobey the rules established...