Team vs Team - Soccer Showdown!


Just throwing this out there, but we should do team vs team soccer game [n.n]
Can use this thread to setup games / teams / times / etc...
(Doesnt have to be your team, can setup your own personal teams)

Your team/mates:
Opposing team/mates:
Time/Day of the Game:

Team Ladder:
None yet. [n.n]

I offer up my team to vs: The Burger Brothers [n.n]
(No official members yet, but feel free to offer your resumes)
Its kinda a shame, it's totally broken. (as you you kick it forwards and it's suddenly the otherside of the room). If it was playable I'd join in. Getting that super kick with the volleyball into the back goal target was always an uber moment.

Happy kicking n.n
I have a dream of setting up a LAN party to play the first full game of Go Go Ball ever. The ball actually works correctly over LAN, instead of freezing and warping around randomly. -_-;

That'd be awesome.
Maybe set up prizes for this to give people incentive to join in?