Hello everyone and welcome to the ILLUMINATI team thread. This is a team I am a part of on another server, and decided to continue the legacy onto Ephinea. The team was just recently created here, and I will update this thread every so often displaying our achievements/goals.

We are a team that strives to succeed and are always wiling to help each other out. Team hunts will be a common thing in this team. Cmode players and time attackers are highly welcomed ^^. I prefer experienced players join, however as long as you are at least a little familiar with PSO I will more than likely accept you in.

There will be a few qualifications you must meet if you are considering joining the team.
  • Respect your teammates.
  • You must contribute to team points at least every so often. (the more the better)
  • No drama. xD
Having said that- those that are interested may either comment here on this thread, shoot me a pm, or find me in game. The highest team point earners will receive some type of a reward from me after every goal met. Thanks for your time ;) looking forward to playing with some new faces.

Privileges achieved:
  1. Team Flag
  2. Dressing Room
  3. Quest: PoD
  4. Member Limit 20
  5. Quest: Robot's Reckoning

Next Team Goal:
  • Member limit 40 ( not quite sure, may get commander blade unless more people pitch in for team points) .

1. Zyga
2. Aegues
3. Tiffany
4. shcooba
5. Sync
6. Ralphy
7. NightmareX
8. Quint
9. makavelli ( my alt )
10. 007
11. Eva
12. Dmoney
13. Faustus
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LOL and what happened with you in ultima? You got banned for things I wont mention here. Just because I said I favor it doesnt mean I dont mind helping players learn more and get better. I also dont want a whole team of noobs, who will be asking simple questions every 5 mins. I know you did some great things on ultima Armando, but pls dont bash in this thread. Thx.


I got banned for JOKINGLY saying I'd ddos larva in a skype chat... LOL... Anything saying I was a hacker blah blah isn't true. I would have not donated over 3,800 USD if I knew how to hack.


xD so it turned out not to be true. i think i know who reported you but i wont go into that in this thread lol. anyways, nice to see you again armando maybe we can game sometime.


Faki was the one who reported me. Didn't really give a shit tho.

Sure thing, I hop on this server almost every week just for c-mode with some buddys who are also ultima players.

See you around :)
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Update for the team (although I doubt most of you get on forums) - Member limit 20 has been unlocked as well as the quest Robot's Reckoning. Enjoy!


Got a stack of Charge Diskas 40hit and Charge Arms 50hit. if anyone in the team needs them feel free to hit me up.


Hi there, not sure if there's much of a requirement to join, I've never been in a team before and not entirely sure how it works, but would like to be in one, I also have 3 others that would like to join. We only recently found the server but used to play a LOT on gamecube, only offline though. We're currently between levels 74-96.

Edit: Forgot to say that I don't know if the server matters, but we always play on EU.

I was in Illuminati also. Probably on scht iirc. I was on a lot of teams on scht so probs wasn't there long...


Would like to join the team; I used to play on SCHT a lot; had a level 200 RAmarl with near max gear, so I wouldn't say I'm necessarily nooby, although, I probably don't necessarily know how to "RA properly" for high level teamplay, since I used to just solo farm most of the time. Trying to learn Ep2, and putting more effort into playing a little more seriously this time around. I'd also love to learn how to CMode if anyone would be willing to teach me. Never bothered learning that in SCHT either, since I got a near max stat RR (4 dfp off iirc *womp womp*) drop pretty early on, so I had no need to "make" money lmfao.