PSOBB.QC (FR) is trying to gather PSO players from Quebec and bring them to Ephinea. :)


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Hello everyone.

I recently started playing PSO on the great server that is Ephinea and decided to start a new team instead of joining an already existing one. There are a few reasons for this decision and I wanted to explain them quickly here.

- First of all, I want to make it clear that this should not be considered an offense of any kind to players who don't speak french. I personally speak both french AND english and really enjoy playing with people from all around the world. The thing is, some people can feel more intimidated than others when it comes to playing with people who speak only in english if they don't speak english very well themselves to begin with (fear of being put aside or trolled by other players etc). Being able to join a team where they can speak in their own language and be helped by players who are fluent in both french and english could help these people to feel more confident and improve their experience a lot. It can even greatly help them to learn english while having fun on the server so why not?! :)

- I noticed that the french community on PSO seems almost dead at the moment and it saddens me. From what I've seen, most french players either stopped playing (after the Schthack incident) or moved on to play PSO2 instead. The few of us that are still active or want to get back on the game probably won't be able to find a french team, and even less if they're looking for a team from Quebec.

- Why people from Quebec would be looking for a team with players from Quebec? In fact it's very simple, to have some mates that follow pretty much the same schedule so that they can play together more often. Of course I'm aware that we have some players from France (and maybe Belgium too) on the server but since 6:00 PM in Quebec is corresponding to 0:00 AM in France... well you see what I mean, it's kinda complicated when trying to plan some events for everybody. Don't get me wrong tho, the team is NOT reserved only for players from Quebec and I will also welcome french players from around the world if they want to join.

- I was also very curious to see if there was still a few active PSO players other than me in Quebec and I believe more people would come to Ephinea, if at least they knew about it (lots of people don't even know that private servers are a thing). That's why I posted comments on a lot of PSO related videos like reviews on Youtube and stuff like that. I even created a Facebook group page in an attempt at gathering more people from my region as well as providing them with a place to share their passion for this game. Of course, Ephinea is pretty much the highlight on the page at the moment and I already posted many links to usefull ressources from both PSO-World and the Ephinea forum for our new "Ephineans". :)

Well, I guess I covered most of the important aspects about my PSOBB.QC team project so now all I can do is to be patient and continue to build the team on my own until others come and tag along. I devoted A LOT of time during my first 3 weeks on Ephinea to prepare the team as best as I could by leveling my characters, earn teampoints to eventually unlock some of the privileges (flag, dressing room) and learn as much as I could about the game to provide assistance for new recruits. Of course that means that players new to the game are welcome to join me, as well as the more experienced ones.

See ya on Pioneer 2 and may the Force be with you... No wait, this is PSO, not Star Wars... tho PSO DOES have lightsabers and even tech users called Forces... SO COOOOOL!!! O_O

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