1. eparim

    Sliver wolves

    Hello guys ! **Welcome to Silver Wolves PSO team of Badasses!** We are an expanding Phantasy Star Online Team built from players from all over the world. We run weekly team games on Friday and Sundays and all are welcome regardless of whatever level you're at!⚔️️️ Our team master leader is...
  2. Esther

    6 New Quests: The Penumbral Surge

    Hello, Everyone! Welcome to The Penumbral Surge! This six piece quest series is my second contribution to Ephinea. This series is designed to be cousins to the Phantasmal World series where players rip through maps until the end where many monsters rise to produce a closing...
  3. Nahte

    Walking off in random directions after some quests.

    I'm not sure why this is, but, when I complete certain quests, I often find myself teleport to the Hunter's Guild, then immediately walk in a random direction as the quest NPC is talking. I can't stop my character during this. Sometimes I'll end up walking towards the principal's teleporter...
  4. Rhobehr

    Quests - Solo "Seek My Master"

    I did not have the quest listed while solo. I'm pretty sure it has to be unlocked, but does anyone know a listing of what quests in what order to at least unlock "Seek My Master"? I am trying to unlock my Agito 1975 to the Real Deal. Thanks
  5. M

    Disconnecting after completing quests with friends

    Every time I finish a quest with friends it kicks us all to the lobby where we need to remake the group. Is this normal? Or is there a way to get this to not happen? I couldn't find anything in the FAQ, and its starting to bug me and my group of friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. fare67t

    Story quests...?

    What im wondering is this: IK on the gamecube vers. (eps 1-2) theres a series of like, offline supposed "story" quests (dunno if they were the one-player / offline quests made by sega, or if some private server made em). So are the government quests these "storyline" quests? I mean the game is...
  7. M

    Pioneer Christmas: Can't give the last present

    Quest: Pioneer Christmas (Episode 2, One Person, Normal difficulty) I gave the lady 8 of 9 presents. When trying to give her the last present (Green, if it matters), I get stuck: The lady doesn't say anything. I can still hear the music, and I can see server banners, but I can't move/chat. Have...
  8. M

    MAXIMUM ATTACK 1 Ver2: getting Heart with less than 10,000 points

    Quest: MAXIMUM ATTACK 1 Ver2 (Multiplayer mode → VR) According to some old guides/threads (thread on, thread on, guide on, you have to accumulate 10,000 points (= 10,000 kills) to get the "Heart of <your class>" (AFAIK it's not an actual item but...
  9. M

    Reach for the Dream: Are these 3 sentences correct like that?

    Quest: Reach for the Dream (Episode 2, "VR" category, Normal/multiplayer game) I failed room 8 multiple times, without knowing why. It might be that I did a stupid mistake all these times, but given that there's a bug with another room, maybe here's a bug involved, too? This time it asked me...
  10. M

    Reach for the Dream: Dark Gunner

    Quest: Reach for the Dream (Episode 2, "VR" category, Normal/multiplayer game) In room 7, where you have to type without using the letters in "sonic", there's a bug with "Dark Gunner". The correct answer should be "Dark Guer", but this gets not accepted. Instead, you have to type "dak guer"...
  11. M

    "AOL CUP -Sunset Base-" might be a One Person quest?

    The quest "AOL CUP -Sunset Base-" (Episode 1, "Event" category) is currently part of the normal (multiplayer) game. According to a thread on, it is a quest in the "One Person" game: Also according to this thread on I didn't play on the original servers, but I...
  12. M

    Bonus ending for "The Retired Hunter"?

    Is it possible to get the bonus ending of The Retired Hunter in PSOBB? As far as I read (in this GameFAQ and this thread), this should do it: Donoph asks you something, you have to answer with "!!" Kill 99 monsters Go to Pioneer 2 Talk to the FOmarl (near the Principal's teleporter) (You...
  13. M

    "Central Dome Fire Swirl": Ozwald dialog

    Quest: Central Dome Fire Swirl (One Person, Side Story) Ozwald (the blacksmith NPC) is standing in the shop. When talking to him, he said this to me, IIRC (maybe not exactly, I copied it from the page linked below): According to this script, this is the dialog you get when you have completed...
  14. M

    "Central Dome Fire Swirl": should Hildebears be stronger?

    Quest: Central Dome Fire Swirl (One Person, Side Story) According to this guide, and this script, the 4 Hildebears which appear in the optional second part of the quest should be way stronger than usual: I did this quest on Normal, and to me it seems like these were just the normal...
  15. M

    "Central Dome Fire Swirl" can be repeated

    Quest: Central Dome Fire Swirl (One Person, Side Story) After finishing this quest, you can repeat it. I don't know if this was the case on the official servers, but according to this thread, it seems they should not be repeatable unless you have finished all other solo quests (on the same...
  16. M

    Typo in "Magnitude of Metal": "renger" instead of "ranger"

    Quest: Magnitude of Metal (Episode 1) The first NPC (Garon) says "renger" instead of "ranger": I don't know if this typo was also present on the official server. The chatlog on seems to be different.
  17. M

    Missing reward for "Gallon's Plan": Photon Ticket

    Quest: Gallon's Plan (Episode 1) Reward: Photon Ticket I finished the quest, and when Gallon says that you get a reward, a server message scrolls at the top of the screen, saying something like: This quest reward is not on the allow list.