"Central Dome Fire Swirl": Ozwald dialog


Quest: Central Dome Fire Swirl (One Person, Side Story)

Ozwald (the blacksmith NPC) is standing in the shop.

When talking to him, he said this to me, IIRC (maybe not exactly, I copied it from the page linked below):

Hey, long time no see. It's me, Oswald. ..? Who? Who you say?
... ... ... So what if I thought you were someone else! What do you
think? Don't you have something to show me?

According to this script, this is the dialog you get when you have completed the quest "The Tinkerbell's Dog 2" and defeated Sonic to get the gloves.

(However, as we can't get the gloves on PSOBB, the lines starting with "Those gloves...!" don't show up.)

According to the same script, this should be the dialog otherwise:

Hey, long time no see. It's me, Oswald. ..? Who? Who you say?
... ... ... So what if I thought you were someone else! Lately nothing
remarkably grabs me in my work. Maybe going back to basics would be a
good thing for me. Now? Just running away from my overbearing wife.

Aleron Ives

Even if there was a genuine BB edition of the quest (as a lot of the obscure quests were ported), it is still likely that Sega simply ported the PSO+ edition of the quest, which itself was ported from the Ver.2 edition. The original quest checks for the Guild Card flag that The Tinkerbell's Dog 2 sets to indicate you've received Sonic's Glove. If the flag is set, Ozwald will give you a Sonic Knuckle. Sega added Sonic Knuckle to the Easter Egg drops on GC and never released The Tinkerbell's Dog 2 on that platform, so when they ported CDFS to GC, they simply disabled the check and forced Ozwald to say the same thing over and over. All of the code for creating the Sonic Knuckle is still in the quest (as is the code for creating Glory in the past and Mark III); you just can't access it.

As for The Tinkerbell's Dog 2, it does 2 things that would be a bit nasty on BB.

  1. It sets a pflag at the end, which would normally be harmless, as you can't set pflags online on Ver.2 or 3. The quest was probably intended to be an offline quest but got delayed, so Sega released it online, instead, and forgot to remove the pflag associated with the quest. This is a problem on BB, since it allows online quests to set pflags.
  2. It sets a Guild Card flag to indicate that you've received Sonic's Glove, and BB quests don't set that type of flag. It's unclear whether the Ver.3 and 4 Guild Card files even have space for flags at all anymore, so it's possible setting those flags could corrupt your card list or have other unintended consequences. I've never checked to see if the flags work, as Sega replaced them with global flags in every quest that needed to save data online.


Sodaboy said:
Is this on the character who had their flags messed up from here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=184 ?

If so, then your flags are still messed up. I offered to clear them, but you refused. :p

Ah yeah, it's the char that never played "The Tinkerbell's Dog 2", but that had this quest marked as finished. However, this char does not got Sonic's Gloves, but if I understand Aleron Ives's post correctly, Ozwald would say this to anyone, if the quest was ported from the GC version.