"Central Dome Fire Swirl" can be repeated


Quest: Central Dome Fire Swirl (One Person, Side Story)

After finishing this quest, you can repeat it.

I don't know if this was the case on the official servers, but according to this thread, it seems they should not be repeatable unless you have finished all other solo quests (on the same difficulty)

Sodaboy said:
You can only do Single Player quests one time per difficulty, at first, but once you do ALL of them in that difficulty, they will all unlock for you to play repeatedly.

(Or does this only apply to the Main Story quests? But in that case "Gallon's Plan" should be repeatable, which it's not currently.)

Aleron Ives

PSO+ only allows you to access CDFS after you beat certain other quests, but I'm not sure if it gets locked along with the others until you beat every quest. You can play it whenever you want on Ver.2, as it's a downloadable quest and thus not part of the regular list. I'm not sure how Sega handled it on BB, but it does set a pflag when you beat it, so it certainly is possible for Soda to lock it down with the other quests if he so desires.