"Central Dome Fire Swirl": should Hildebears be stronger?


Quest: Central Dome Fire Swirl (One Person, Side Story)

According to this guide, and this script, the 4 Hildebears which appear in the optional second part of the quest should be way stronger than usual:

http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=856 said:
Note that they will have stats of ultimate level regardless of the difficulty setting that you are playing at.

http://www.ripplinger.us/camineet/psoscript/centraldomefireswirl.asp said:
[Four very powerful Hildebears attack. One hit kills Dr.D but he can be
Reverser'ed, even though his life bar still makes him appear dead.]

I did this quest on Normal, and to me it seems like these were just the normal Hildebears, not stronger than others in Normal mode. But when playing the optional second part, Pioneer 2 changes into the Ultimate mode Pioneer 2.

(As I did not play this quest on the official servers, I don't know if they might have changed it there ...)


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I couldn't confirm or deny if it's working as intended. It is the legitimate Blue Burst version, though, AFAIK.


I think it used to be like that on the old pso versions, not sure about bb. The opcodes for this would show up in the quest editor if that would still be true. Then you can determine if that's because the opcodes used aren't working on bb or if it has been completely removed.

Regardless, these enemies would still give the same xp/drops as enemies from the difficulty you're in so it might be better the way it currently is, at least for now.

Aleron Ives

The opcodes for changing enemies stats are broken in BB and never work in any quest. "The Missing Maracas" also does not work on BB; the enemies will not move faster, the way they are supposed to. Something about the way BB was changed to receive monster stats from the server instead of relying on the client's local files broke these opcodes, so they only work on Ver.2 and 3.