Reach for the Dream: Dark Gunner


Quest: Reach for the Dream (Episode 2, "VR" category, Normal/multiplayer game)

In room 7, where you have to type without using the letters in "sonic", there's a bug with "Dark Gunner".

The correct answer should be "Dark Guer", but this gets not accepted. Instead, you have to type "dak guer" (via).

This seems to have been a bug on the original US server, too, according to this thread. Because of that we should keep the wrong answer ("dak guer"), but would it be possible (and would it make sense) to also accept the answer which should be correct ("Dark Guer")? Otherwise this might get really frustrating for players not knowing this (unless I'm missing something, there is no hint or suggestion to ever try "dak guer").


Staff member
Hi, I changed the quest today. The correct input should work now. The bugged input will no longer work.

I know PSO veterans will not know to put the correct input now, but I am sure they will figure it out.