Disconnecting after completing quests with friends

Every time I finish a quest with friends it kicks us all to the lobby where we need to remake the group. Is this normal? Or is there a way to get this to not happen? I couldn't find anything in the FAQ, and its starting to bug me and my group of friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Yeah, this is normal. After every quest you'll have to remake the room. It can be annoying but just part of the game.


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As dizzy said it's part of the game. Going to the Lobby has something to do with how pso loads character data or somthing like that so it's required to do so. Besides. Lobbymode is true endgame pso 8)


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I can probably add this to the FAQ, I'm somewhat surprised that people are unaware of it, must be their first online experience on PSO.
I think I was surprised by it at first in Blue Burst and then I just thought "so that's just the way it is here", though I've been annoyed by it at times. Just a little speed bump in questing is all.