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    Disconnected Six Times Today

    I've been disconnected from games six times today. Any other time this has happened was a network change on my end. Not this time. I've been playing Youtube videos and browsing the internet while the game was running (No different than any other day). Same error message each time: Things to...
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    Disconnect when beating boss?

    Had something very strange happen to me last night/this morning. I had started a new HC seasonal character, and was playing through the forest levels without missions/quests (just standard play). I had worked my way completely through and arrived at the dragon, but was so low-level that it...
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    Disconnecting after completing quests with friends

    Every time I finish a quest with friends it kicks us all to the lobby where we need to remake the group. Is this normal? Or is there a way to get this to not happen? I couldn't find anything in the FAQ, and its starting to bug me and my group of friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated!