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Discussion in 'General' started by NYT Raven, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. It's the latter. The former would be obscene.
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  2. Justin

    Justin Member

    Very noob question, but how does Gifioe stacking work?
  3. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Some enemies aren't invincible when they spawn, e.g. Savage Wolf, so if you cast Gifoie multiple times before they spawn, they'll spawn and then get hit several times all at once from the Gifoies you already used. On the other hand, this doesn't work with Boomas, so you'll just see 0 when they spawn and get hit by your Gifoies. It's mosly useful in Episode IV, since Satellite Lizard and Yowie have low enough EFR to make Gifoie do decent damage.
  4. Dman

    Dman Dmanisback

  5. Orancube

    Orancube Member

    Where can I find the fake in yellow quest? Can't find it at the hunters guild.
  6. VoidDragon

    VoidDragon Member

    you can find it in solo mode after beating other side story missions.
  7. Linker

    Linker Linker #0798 - Discord

    While solo, my Techs flinch lock most everything down to the point that I can usually just stand there and cast fast enough to rarely get hit. (Though sometimes a little repositioning is necessary.)

    Does it flinch lock everything for other party members, or is there a desynch, and any monster that isn't frozen is still running wild on everyone else's screens, unflinched?
  8. zelda16h

    zelda16h Member

    I think sometimes monster are sync, sometimes not. like yesterday my friend was hurt and the monster was like 60 feet apart for me.
    I know damage and aliments works. So about the flinch lock sometimes it works. I remember in the Gamecube offline multiplayer all monster were sync! I know in MH4U (monster hunter) you can hurt "invisible" small monster.
  9. ZelLok

    ZelLok Member

    Is there any way to check the activity of someone in a team?
  10. Miku

    Miku Member

    Not that I know of. You can do the normal guild card stuff if you have their card and see how many teampoints they have though.

    Does anyone know the distribution of how likely weapons are to come with various %?

    Edit: More specifically, what's the chances of getting a hs with 35 hit, 40 hit, 45 hit, and 50+ hit?
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  11. richarddavis

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    2, Pioneer
    Guildcard 2:
    what's the best multiplayer quest for episode 1 rappies?
  12. SLU

    SLU Member

    Seattle, WA
    Fake in Yellow
  13. Miku

    Miku Member

    I think he meant not that kind of quest when he said multiplayer.
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  14. Jbangalanga

    Jbangalanga Member

    Yes it flinch locks mobs for others. Very useful for tower flowers and lilies to prevent them from casting megid until your teammates can clean them up.
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  15. shadow_FIX

    shadow_FIX ephinea music instructor

    yes! it lets you shower the dour tower flowers with power!
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  16. Silver

    Silver Member

    What is a good way to farm rare slimes? Does piping work?

    Is it possible to rebind the weapons swap menu? (I have to press 3 keys to access it due to having a compact keyboard)
  17. Phoboz

    Phoboz Member

    it doesn't work but next week there's increased chance of rare enemys, you can also split slimes with rabarta and the like.
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  18. Le Monde

    Le Monde レンジャーガールズ永遠

    I found a Lavis Cannon by doing TTF until right before De Rol Le and using Rabarta on the 4 slimes before the boss teleporter. You end up with like 30 slimes. I would just restart after the slimes. It has the added bonus of being decent EXP as well. If you are a cast you can trap them to split them.

    As for rebinding your quick menu, you will thank yourself for getting a controller. Since this game was originally a console game, playing with a controller is definitely the most intuitive. It then lets you do it with two buttons pretty easily.
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  19. Caboozles

    Caboozles Member

    If I were to make a FOnewearl instead of a FOnewm, what would I focus on instead of grabbing a merge and just nuking everything ad nauseum. Is that still a vaible option, or what is the status quo as a FOney?
  20. Le Monde

    Le Monde レンジャーガールズ永遠

    FOnewearl is a sort of blend between offensive tech and support. She can do either very well depending on how you outfit her.

    Taken from Anime's Frequently Asked Question thread, these are the bonuses she gets:
    Fonewearl = +30% All Simple (Foie, Barta, Zonde) techs 2x Resta and Anti range and Automatic piercing of Megid (can hit multiple enemies)

    FOney is not going to be as strong of a nuker as FOnewm because she lacks the inbuilt bonus to the Gi and RA techs but she can still do decent damage with the right wands and merges. 1v1 she will do pretty well though thanks to her Simple tech boost. Piercing Megid with no demon fork is super fun as well.

    Shes great because if you outfit her with a Glide Divine, a Resta Merge and a Striker of Chao, or Marinas Bag, she becomes a PRO supporter. Awesome Resta Range, (her resta can potentially heal the most out of all characters because of her giant MST ) double Jellen and Zalure range, and solid Shifta and Deband range will make sure that with a party with 3 even semi competent attackers, you guys will wreck most things. You're not really going to be damage dealing with her since her ATP is very low but she does have the highest ATA out of the FOs which greatly helps when you want to demons or arrest some mobs to further that support role.

    Shes also the cutest of all the Forces so there's that. #FOneys4ever
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