1. R

    PSO (GC) vet wondering what to do with duplicate special weapons

    Back on the Game Cube version i could just sell off any duplicates of weapons or armor i found but now i don't see a way to do this. Am i just supposed to drop them somewhere and ignore them? or is there something i can do that was added in Blue Burst or online modes that i'm just not aware of...
  2. jyoungwelder

    "client executable too old" upon trying to log in

    I am having a problem trying to log in today. It says my client is too old, but when I go to try to download any patch/update, it says there are none. I have Norton antivirus and am allowing access for pso files, etc. I have also read through the technical FAQ to see any possible solutions but...
  3. T

    FONewMearl Build

    im looking for advice on what to buy to max the build. i have 148 mind 2 def. and a 150 mind mag. looking for frams, slots, barriers, staffs. i have read some and been told some but i want the community input! what should i do and start buying??
  4. S

    Game wont start

    download was no problem, and I can boot up the launcher just fine. But when I hit "start game" everything shuts down. There's no game load, there's nothing trying to load. It just immediately pops off of my task bar. I've tried going to my security options and white listing it but I cant make...
  5. kromlech

    Need assistance with base class -> NPC model/texture swapping.

    Hello all, sorry in advance for the huge post, I’m trying to “make” a RaNewearl for my private server. I want to achieve this by replacing one of the NPCs, selectable with the /NPC# command, into a single texture/model of a HUnewearl. I do not want to mess with any of the 12 classes' model...
  6. E

    Help, Lost FPS and dont know why

    I have been playing for a while and even played a lot today, but when I came home from dinner I found that I am having serious fps issues. I have never even dropped a single frame in hundreds of hours of playtime, but now the game is so slow it is unplayable. I have restarted, reinstalled...
  7. W

    PSOBB won't work please help

    when i click the application it brings up the client and updates then when i click start it just closes itself no error message or file not found just closes i don't know what to do
  8. Esther

    A trick to not suffering accidental Photon Blasts while keeping 100PB

    Volume warning guys. Didn't lower game SE enough. My bad. Don't go in with high volume.
  9. S

    Accidentally deleted mag

    I was trying to get my fourth evolution (level 100) on my mag, but I didn't like the color (Sato looks terrible in black). I handed it off to a new character I made for the purpose of evolving it, but noticed the mag color was different than what I wanted. Like an idiot, I went back and...
  10. CyborgJiro

    Controller issues

    I would of posted in the Technical Support but it said that was for server issues. Anyways, I am having trouble using a controller in this game, first I tried my ds4 controller which kinda worked the first time while using DS4Windows but stopped working after that, even after restarting my pc...
  11. Annie

    I can't access the lobby

    Hey everyone. I'm having a weird problem lately and I can't get into the Lobby,I read the FAQ just in case and even when "Advance Effect" is unchecked (I have Windows 10) it doesn't seem to solve the problem. One thing I discovered is that the only Ship I can connect to is EU/Lumireis on Block...
  12. Fish

    Need help installing a visual mod

    Ok so I wanted to install this but Im not quite sure how to implement it into the ephinea client, I've tried extracting the files but it just doesnt seem to be working
  13. A

    Can't Get client to run

    ive got everything installed and i changed the compatibility settings to windows xp and admin start up but when i hit start it flashes a command screen for a sec then nothing. anybody know how to fix it?
  14. C

    Seeking help in ultimate

    All I need is one gold badge but the game has refused to give one to me so far. Since I'm level 110 my ability to do MAEs in ultimate is lacking. Would someone be okay with half carrying me though MAEs until I find a gold badge? Thanks in advance!
  15. Ai

    Section ID

    Um, being a newbie I overlooked the section ID thing and thinking I had one change I ended up 8 levels past 20 now, but I see I can't change it now. Is there any way past this? I really don't want to go make another character just to change my ID, but it seems like an important thing I'll need...
  16. G

    Game unable to start

    Hey guys, I just downloaded the client and made my account. Everything was smooth so far. Now, when I try to launch the game by clicking the "start game" button, a window starts to pop up but then disappears just as fast and then nothing happens. Im on a HP laptop, windows 10, Intel HD...
  17. Kyle

    Error while loading

    I received this error after clicking start game in the launcher. I've been playing the game fine for a week now.
  18. Kyle

    Client loads, when I press start game. The screen is black

    I am on Windows 7. I have been playing the game fine for a whole week now. When i tried to open it today, the client worked fine. When I pressed start game the loading screen appears frozen for a sec then goes black and remains that way. I've waited for thirty minutes and it just stays black...
  19. Remon

    "PSOBB.exe has stopped working."

    I've been randomly getting this, for it seems literally every action I can do in the game. Start a quest, take a telepipe, cast a tech, smack a monster all can end with my client CTD'ing. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this. I've checked compatibility modes, ticked run as...