Game unable to start


Hey guys,

I just downloaded the client and made my account. Everything was smooth so far. Now, when I try to launch the game by clicking the "start game" button, a window starts to pop up but then disappears just as fast and then nothing happens.

Im on a HP laptop, windows 10, Intel HD graphics 500, Intel core i5.

I really wanna play this game so I hope somebody knows a fix!

Check to make sure you haven't set any resolution that is higher than what your monitor will support. Example: If your laptop has a 1366x768 screen and you've selected 1920x1080, could cause an issue.

You can also look in the log folder and see if any error messages were logged.

If you don't see anything weird and you've checked your resolution settings, maybe the game did not install properly. I'd attempt a reinstall. The game should definitely run on your setup.
If the resolution goes outside the viewing window of your monitor, it will insta crash and you wont be able to tell why.