1. Abashiri

    Game won't start up because of detected virus.

    Recently the game won't start up because of detected virus. I get an error message saying; Error : Operation did not complete because file contains virus or unwanted software
  2. Abashiri

    Challenge Mode disconnect error.

    When playing challenge mode, I constantly get this error and get disconnected from the party and sent to the counter room. There I can't get back into the stages. It happens almost every time I play. The error won't stop happening, and this doesn't happen to other people as I have witnessed. By...
  3. zOMGPak

    Windows 10 1909 Update (No.916 Error/!DLL ERROR!)

    Introduction I'd like to give you a small tutorial on fixing a recent, but common error that a lot of private servers have been having. In the case of this game, it's considered the No.916 Error (server is full) or at the bottom left of your screen during log-in, the !DLL ERROR!. How and why...
  4. Screenshot (97)

    Screenshot (97)

    Lua error when I try to launch the game in Launcher.exe
  5. G

    Game unable to start

    Hey guys, I just downloaded the client and made my account. Everything was smooth so far. Now, when I try to launch the game by clicking the "start game" button, a window starts to pop up but then disappears just as fast and then nothing happens. Im on a HP laptop, windows 10, Intel HD...
  6. A

    The most annoying random crash ever!

    So there is this random crash that happens in my game and I have no clue what triggers it. Sometimes I will be gaming alone or with a friend and suddenly as I’m playing the music will cut but the game will keep going on. Then after a few seconds the game will just stop, white screen and tell me...
  7. J

    I can launch the launcher but PSO itself won't launch

    I've tried running as administrator and with compatibility mode for XP service pack 2 but it just has a black box show up briefly and then crashes. I'm on windows 10. The version number is 1.0.8.
  8. jsizzle651

    Unable to Start New Character

    Just installed latest Windows 10 update and now I can't create new characters. I can log into my 2 existing characters on this account, but when I click new character the screen goes black. Task manager also does not respond when this happens. I've completely reinstalled Ephinea, changed all...
  9. Gutsman

    [FIXED] A different "Your client executable is too old" thread.

    Was able to play a mere 15 hours before I got this issue. Ran the launcher, it updated the dll (which I thought was strange since it had already updated fairly recently), and now this happens. Also, it re-updates the dll on every launch now, to no avail. I had a similar issue in the past...
  10. N

    ! DLL ERROR !

    Greetings, I have had no issue setting up and playing this game from home. Coming from an Ultima server. I didn't transfer I just heard this is a better community so I decided to download Ephinea and start from scratch. At home I have no issue. At work, however, when I launch the game I get ...