[FIXED] A different "Your client executable is too old" thread.


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Was able to play a mere 15 hours before I got this issue.

Ran the launcher, it updated the dll (which I thought was strange since it had already updated fairly recently), and now this happens. Also, it re-updates the dll on every launch now, to no avail.
I had a similar issue in the past where my antivirus blocked the dll resulting in a "dll error", which is not the current case. I have since added it to the antivirus's ignore list, therefore I'm fairly sure the current issue is not antivirus related.

FIXED by running as administrator.
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So what is happening is that the .dll is unable to be updated. This could be because the program isn't running under admin and you don't have enough permissions to create/edit/whatever the .dll or your anti-virus is blocking it from doing what it should. Try turning off your AV completely while updating instead of just adding an exception to the .dll file (because you're making a new ephinea.dll, which wouldn't be on exceptions).

Whitelisting the entire folder might work too.
You can confirm if you have the correct DLL at the title screen.

Does it say DLL ERROR? Or does it say Ephinea 1.7.1?

If it says DLL ERROR or something other than Ephinea 1.7.1, the DLL is being deleted after downloading it from the patch server. Most likely by your AV.
The dll wasn't being deleted but rather it just wasn't updating, as it still said ephinea 1.7.0.
It finally updated after I ran it as administrator, I assumed this wasn't needed since my user is set as administrator, and I never needed to do it before, but whatever just glad I can play.

Thank you Matt and Sodaloli!