Need help installing a visual mod

Ok so I wanted to install this but Im not quite sure how to implement it into the ephinea client, I've tried extracting the files but it just doesnt seem to be working

Sorry to resurrect this thread (just stumbled upon this with an unrelated google search...), but since I'm the creator of the referenced thread and a solution wasn't posted, I figured I'd offer some suggestions. Sometimes reshade will crash when it's compiling depth dependent effects if you are forcing MSAA in your graphics control panel. This is because MSAA and other "real" AA solutions (MSAA, SSAA, SGSSAA, etc) break depth buffer access for reshade, most of the time anyway.

If you still have an interest in getting it working for you, I'm happy to help! I primarily play on Ephinea these days, so I know it works in this client.