"client executable too old" upon trying to log in

I am having a problem trying to log in today. It says my client is too old, but when I go to try to download any patch/update, it says there are none. I have Norton antivirus and am allowing access for pso files, etc. I have also read through the technical FAQ to see any possible solutions but there are none. It's only been a week or 2 at most since I've last played. Am I missing something? I'm running windows 10. Any help is appreciated!


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Are you launching the client through online.exe? That should download the updated ephinea.dll.
I just took a screenshot of the ephinea file. I'm not great with computers but I've tried to run all of the "applications" and none of them seem to work.


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Your antivirus, or possibly Windows Defender, is automatically deleting ephinea.dll. Make sure you've added an exception for it in both of those.