1. Helba

    Questions about Optimal Configurations in-game

    Greetings, I'm new to this server and I checked the FAQ questions previously but I was unable to find a answear to my questions. Please help me, if you can, thankyou. I succeded on installing and creating a character, but there are some problems wich I don't know what to do... I hope someone can...
  2. P

    Keyboard won't work properly (not IME issue)

    I installed PSOBB on Mac (running through Wine) but I can't get the keyboard to work correctly. Initially I was playing using a PS4 controller. This worked fine, but it wouldn't let me type anything. Today I've now lost the ability to type my name and password on the initial menu - even...
  3. A

    Sudden PS4 Controller Issues

    Hi All, I recently starting playing on Ephinea and have been using the PS4 controller for a while (about 10+ hours). No setup was needed, I just plugged the controller in and everything worked. I just logged in tonight but the controller is doing something strange. It allows one "confirmation"...
  4. F

    Controller not working

    I've looked through the forums and can't find any threads of the issue I'm having. Whenever I try to use a controller, it only works a tiny amount. Pressing "A" at the press enter screen will make the menu appear, pressing "A" on my character will make the next submenu appear, and moving the...
  5. PSOBB Mouse & Gamepad Controller Settings (Game Controls)

    PSOBB Mouse & Gamepad Controller Settings (Game Controls)

    View the Mouse and Gamepad Configuration Options in for examples.
  6. middle_pickup

    Xbox One controller support

    How do I get my xbox one controller working with Ephinea? I talked to some guys in-game who said they were using theirs, but mine doesn't seem to work over USB. I've used it in plenty other games this way.
  7. Kackalack

    A Problem With My Controller

    Hello, I was using an Xbox One controller and used XinputPlus to get my triggers working correctly. However, after a fresh windows install I am trying to setup my controls again but after I add the dll for xinput to the folder my controller ceases to work for the game. And if I try and continue...
  8. F

    Trouble getting my Xbox360 controller to work

    For some reason it recognizes certain buttons but not the analog sticks, or the rest of the buttons lol, it recognizes X and B i think.
  9. A

    Character won't run (Nintendo Switch Pro Controller)

    So I downloaded this a bit ago to play with a friend again. I'm currently using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and everything seems to work just fine except actually running. I have calibrated my controller and that hasn't seemed to fix anything. Does anyone happen to use one and know of a...
  10. P

    DS4 Controller Support Bug Introduced

    Since the most recent update, the Ephinea client registers the Sony Dualshock 4 controller's D-Pad-UP as pressed at all times. Thus, menus cannot be navigated. I isolated this bug to the Ephinea client by replicating it on both my Mac and Windows partitions, which utilise separate drivers...
  11. todd

    Is your PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Steam Controller or other only recognizing X and A button presses?

    If you're experiencing the issue where your controller is properly recognized in Windows but doesn't appear to control PSOBB, but X and A buttons on the controller or other labeled buttons still work, the issue is likely that you have two or more controllers plugged in or have a driver like vJoy...
  12. M

    Configuring a DualShock 4 controller with AntiMicro

    I’m in the process of configuring a Sony DualShock 4 controller for playing PSOBB. I’m using AntiMicro, which seems to work great. This is thread is for questions, tips etc.
  13. Aether89

    PSO BB : Controller Profiles for Pinnacle Game Profiler 2.0.0

    This is a Pinnacle Game Profiler profile for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. Ready to work with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controller. Pinnacle Game Profiler is not compatible with HybridEidolon PSOBB Addon Plugin (Lua UI addons) as both need a custom dinput8.dll to interface with the Game...
  14. G

    [Solved] JoyToKey doesn't receive controller input while in PSO

    Hey, I'm new to Ephinea and currently trying to set up my Xbox One Controller to get started. I know that there are many topics discussing problems with Xbox Controllers, but none of them appears to address my specific problem. I've connected my Xbox One Controller to my Windows 10 PC and it's...