Questions about Optimal Configurations in-game


Greetings, I'm new to this server and I checked the FAQ questions previously but I was unable to find a answear to my questions. Please help me, if you can, thankyou.
I succeded on installing and creating a character, but there are some problems wich I don't know what to do... I hope someone can assist me on trying to configure this game.
First, when I try to use Fullscreen mode or Virtual Fullscreen I can not even close the game without turning off my PC. I use Windows 10, and the windows key does not do anything on virtual fullscreen... I got locked inside the game and can't Exit it or switch screens, at all. Task Manager also does not work, I cannot select task manager to close the game, I get locked inside the application... Windowed mode works better as I can select other applications on my PC while playing Windowed, but I would rather like to play on fullscreen IF I was able to use other apps while playing.
Is it possible to apply a Fullscreen Mod or something that can allow for me to switch/close applications while playing on Fullscreen? I would like to know, because I'm on edge trying to figure this out, and no luck so far.
Secondly, I'm trying to play this with a DualShock4 controller, part of the reason I can't even exit the game properly on Fullscreen, I think, is due to controller settings being awkward, cannot even select main menu once I am logged in. As such, I am unable to use right stick analog to control camera, it doesn't do anything, and also can't seem to use a Menu to find out the keybindings. I'm really confused on how to configure these settings.
I would love to be able to play this on Fullscreen and also change the keybinds on the controller so I can move the camera at least, it would make the experience so much better than simply playing windowed with a keyboard... Is it possible? It has been 10 years since I've played PSO and I do not remember anything about how to configure these things. Any assistance would be wonderful. Thankyou!

p.s. - Sorry in advance if those questions were already adressed properly on other threads.
This game does not have a camera you can control while playing. You can only center the camera. (There is a chat command where you can move the camera, but it is just for picture taking.)

Also, in virtual fullscreen or regular fullscreen, you can quit the game by selecting to quit from the menu. (Press F12 or Home to access the menu while in-game from a keyboard. Not sure what button for YOUR controller config.)

If you find you can’t open the menu, you may be in direct chat mode, which you can toggle on or off with F11.

You also can quit the game any time no matter where you are by pressing ALT+Backspace. This should return you to the title screen if you’re in-game. Pressing ALT+Backspace again on the title screen will quit the game entirely.

While in virtual fullscreen you can switch applications on your computer with ALT+Tab.