1. Helba

    Questions about Optimal Configurations in-game

    Greetings, I'm new to this server and I checked the FAQ questions previously but I was unable to find a answear to my questions. Please help me, if you can, thankyou. I succeded on installing and creating a character, but there are some problems wich I don't know what to do... I hope someone can...
  2. A

    CTRL + Break downsizes Fullscreen

    As the title says, whenever I accidentally use the key combination CTRL + Break, the game leaves the fullscreen mode and goes into a small window mode. This way you barely can see anything. I didn't find a way to go back to fullscreen, while still in game. Thus, every time it happens, I have to...
  3. Spuz

    Issues with Dual Screen+PSO.

    So I have my laptop setup dual screen, which is grand. When i play PSO fullscreen, it normally covers the ''top'' screen. But sometimes it does this: oh and when I say sometimes, I mean when I click start game, it will do it 4/5 times in a row. (or has started to more and more). Is it...
  4. Spuz

    How to set up full screen correctly?

    Well. I am trying to get this to work. My steps: - Load Launcher - click options - have it set to 'classic fullscreen' and '640x480 4:3' It loads and looks fine from what I can tell. But when I try to type my wireless KB types on the internet browser behind the PSO screen. I then try to alt...