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  1. ATTELiX

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    As the title says, whenever I accidentally use the key combination CTRL + Break, the game leaves the fullscreen mode and goes into a small window mode. This way you barely can see anything. I didn't find a way to go back to fullscreen, while still in game. Thus, every time it happens, I have to close the game and restart it. I lost count of how many raids I had to cancel due to this problem. I'm really losing fun in this game because of this.
    The fact that the BREAK key is located directly above the END key, which is used for the quick menu, doesn't make it better.
    Please help! PSO Problem.jpg
  2. Soly

    Soly Member

    The easiest solution I'd suggest you, is using something like an autohotkey script to disable the break key when the game is active.

    Interesting thing tho, I might take a look at this.
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  3. Sodaboy

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    I don't really know. This sounds like a user issue rather than a game issue.

    Don't hit the CTRL + BREAK key at the same time, IMHO. Or just get a game pad if you keep fat fingering the keys.

    Really is kind of a "you" problem.
  4. No Hit

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    Seems to happen when you press ctrl + scroll lock as well. I've had this happen only a few times on accident and is completely avoidable unless you have a strange keyboard setup. The scroll lock / pause keys are not directly above the end key on my keyboard for instance, between them is the home key and a gap.

    This happens on every client of PSOBB I have, not just Ephinea, so not sure how fixable it is.
    If you do this while set to Classic Fullscreen the resolution will bug out instead of going to the corner of the screen.
  5. ATTELiX

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    Fat fingering this key a couple of times after 80 h of gaming seems valid to me and is not an user issue, IMHO. But thank you for the not so helpful answer anyways...

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  6. ATTELiX

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    Thank you for recommending this idea. I tried it out, but it doesn't seem to work. :/
    It's my first time working with autohotkey. These are the lines I used:


    since this didn't work I looked for another solution, found something and came up with this:

    if WinActive("ahk_class Ephinea: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst")
    return ; i.e. do nothing, which causes Control-break to do nothing in Ephinea: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.
    Send ^break
    if WinActive("ahk_class Ephinea: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst")
    return ; i.e. do nothing, which causes Control-Pause to do nothing in Ephinea: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.
    Send ^pause

    Unfortunately this didn't work out either. But I have to admit, that I'm not really experienced with this, so there might be a mistake.?
    For now I think I'm gonne remove the key from the keyboard, until I/we will find a solution. XD
  7. ATTELiX

    ATTELiX Member

    In that case I have a strange Keyboard set up. And you're right about the scroll lock as well. I just didn't realize that before, since I never touched it. :)


  9. Soly

    Soly Member

    I'll take a look, I have done a few ahk scripts in the past.

    One thing tho, did you run this as admin?

    Edit: Apparently it doesn't work at all, maybe is something done by windows.

    In this case, a more invasive solution would be to remap those keys in windows itself, I have used SharpKeys before, but I would not recommend remapping the keys anyway.
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  10. No Hit

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    this doesn't fix it, as I use this for my other non-eph clients.
  11. Soly

    Soly Member

    So, after looking into this.
    Apparently windows sends a CtrlBreak (aka VK_CANCEL, or VK_03) when you do either Ctrl+Pause (or Ctrl+Scroll?), not sure why AHK can't intercept that but oh well...

    When the game receives this key code, it calls
    I guess this can be fixed modifying the parameters passed to the function (0082c77b).
    Or just nop the whole thing cuz I don't see the purpose of this code.... welp

    @Sodaboy might as well tag you, in case you want to do something about it.
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