1. antirrhinum

    No. 100 error, character deletion... probably DEP

    hello! i'm using windows 10 and am having a recurring sever error and character deletion, with a steady internet connection. i have windows defender entirely disabled even in group policy, and have no other antivirus software. i first checked the DEP settings and added exceptions, did not work...
  2. A

    CTRL + Break downsizes Fullscreen

    As the title says, whenever I accidentally use the key combination CTRL + Break, the game leaves the fullscreen mode and goes into a small window mode. This way you barely can see anything. I didn't find a way to go back to fullscreen, while still in game. Thus, every time it happens, I have to...
  3. A

    Game Crashes Immediately after selecting make new character

    I'm on Manjaro (linux, based on Arch) and running through Lutris. I just installed the game and the tutorials either don't work on my architecture or I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone help me?
  4. Nahte

    Crashing in One Person mode

    Game mode is always One Person when this happens. I've yet to crash like this in a multi-player game. It's also only happened to me while playing Ultimate, though I honestly didn't play much One Person mode throughout the earlier difficulties. So far, I've only experienced it on a Purplenum...
  5. Maratus

    Game Crash During Quests?

    This may be a simple fix that's already been posted about, but I didn't see anything that looked like it matched My sister has been playing on her gaming laptop for awhile, but just recently started playing the online quests. Problem is, the game keeps crashing at a random time. It's only...
  6. fox

    [Resolved] ntdll exception c0000409 @ psobb.exe 00074e0d

    Edit: Resolved, please see this reply below. Thanks! Hello! Today I've been hitting a crash in ntdll.dll when trying to launch PSO (either via the launcher or even directly). I suspect this is somehow specific to my setup, but I figured I'd give this a shot anyway, since no PSO is a bummer...
  7. honeydrew

    PSOBB.exe freezing/closing on first visible frame of startup

    (pardon my item reader) this isn't to ask for an issue to be resolved but to post that i found an issue and resolved it myself, hopefully if someone has the same issue they can come here and see the solution. this may happen due to the user installing EphineaPSO into an unrecommended folder (i...