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    Keyboard won't work properly (not IME issue)

    I installed PSOBB on Mac (running through Wine) but I can't get the keyboard to work correctly. Initially I was playing using a PS4 controller. This worked fine, but it wouldn't let me type anything. Today I've now lost the ability to type my name and password on the initial menu - even...
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    CTRL + Break downsizes Fullscreen

    As the title says, whenever I accidentally use the key combination CTRL + Break, the game leaves the fullscreen mode and goes into a small window mode. This way you barely can see anything. I didn't find a way to go back to fullscreen, while still in game. Thus, every time it happens, I have to...
  3. PSOBB Keyboard Map & Controls

    PSOBB Keyboard Map & Controls

    View the Keyboard Configuration Options in for examples.
  4. PSOBB Keyboard Controls Picture

    PSOBB Keyboard Controls Picture

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    Weird Keyboard Issue

    I'm having a weird keyboard issue where my keystrokes aren't being registered when I'm trying to chat. I can use the keyboard normally while in the lobby or in a game to bring up menus and commands, but when I try to talk to someone, nothing happens. Cursor is brought up, but nothing happens...