[Solved] JoyToKey doesn't receive controller input while in PSO


Hey, I'm new to Ephinea and currently trying to set up my Xbox One Controller to get started. I know that there are many topics discussing problems with Xbox Controllers, but none of them appears to address my specific problem.

I've connected my Xbox One Controller to my Windows 10 PC and it's detected correctly by PSO. Everything is working fine, except setting up the Left and Right Triggers (LT & RT) for camera movement and changing the action palette, as these are controller axes instead of buttons and the game does not support that.

I installed JoyToKey and adjusted its settings to map the Triggers to the corresponding keys on my keyboard, which also works fine. UNTIL the PSO window gains focus, however. In this case all controller input appears to be "sucked in" by PSO, no other application is able to detect any button presses. Not even Windows 10 itself shows any reaction in the Devices section.

Is there any known way to fix this issue? I would love to play PSO using the Xbox Controller's Triggers, but at the moment I'm quite clueless.