xbox one

  1. middle_pickup

    Xbox One controller support

    How do I get my xbox one controller working with Ephinea? I talked to some guys in-game who said they were using theirs, but mine doesn't seem to work over USB. I've used it in plenty other games this way.
  2. Kackalack

    A Problem With My Controller

    Hello, I was using an Xbox One controller and used XinputPlus to get my triggers working correctly. However, after a fresh windows install I am trying to setup my controls again but after I add the dll for xinput to the folder my controller ceases to work for the game. And if I try and continue...
  3. todd

    Is your PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Steam Controller or other only recognizing X and A button presses?

    If you're experiencing the issue where your controller is properly recognized in Windows but doesn't appear to control PSOBB, but X and A buttons on the controller or other labeled buttons still work, the issue is likely that you have two or more controllers plugged in or have a driver like vJoy...
  4. Aether89

    PSO BB : Controller Profiles for Pinnacle Game Profiler 2.0.0

    This is a Pinnacle Game Profiler profile for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. Ready to work with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controller. Pinnacle Game Profiler is not compatible with HybridEidolon PSOBB Addon Plugin (Lua UI addons) as both need a custom dinput8.dll to interface with the Game...
  5. G

    [Solved] JoyToKey doesn't receive controller input while in PSO

    Hey, I'm new to Ephinea and currently trying to set up my Xbox One Controller to get started. I know that there are many topics discussing problems with Xbox Controllers, but none of them appears to address my specific problem. I've connected my Xbox One Controller to my Windows 10 PC and it's...