Is your PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Steam Controller or other only recognizing X and A button presses?


If you're experiencing the issue where your controller is properly recognized in Windows but doesn't appear to control PSOBB, but X and A buttons on the controller or other labeled buttons still work, the issue is likely that you have two or more controllers plugged in or have a driver like vJoy installed which is creating a virtual controller that's being detected as controller 1.

PSOBB only works with controller 1, and has no known way to select which controller to use, so in such case your actual controller is being detected as a second, or third controller, and only X and A buttons are recognized.

The solution is to unplug the other controllers, and deactivate the vJoy or other virtual controller software you may have installed.

Another solution is to use a third party tool such as devreorder to reorder the controllers so PSOBB detects your controller as controller 1 in the list.

Per advice I found in this topic: