steam controller

  1. Xira

    The SUPER Steam Input / Controller Guide

    Ever wanted to control your 1-0 keyboard hotbar, send Chat Shortcuts, quickly scroll menus faster, or unfreeze yourself using your gamepad? This guide will: Let you configure your game controller (incl. Steam Controllers) with Steam, similar to XPadder, Pinnacle, Antimicro, etc. Grant you...
  2. Xira

    Steam / GOG Library Grid-Icon for Ephinea

    This is Ver. C - 5 more to choose from in the attachments at end of post. DISCLAIMERS: No copyright or ownership claimed. This is a mashup of others' images made in Paint.NET. Ephinea is Sodaboy's / the Ephinea staff's. Background image and PSO are (C) SEGA. STEAM - Download the above image...
  3. todd

    Is your PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Steam Controller or other only recognizing X and A button presses?

    If you're experiencing the issue where your controller is properly recognized in Windows but doesn't appear to control PSOBB, but X and A buttons on the controller or other labeled buttons still work, the issue is likely that you have two or more controllers plugged in or have a driver like vJoy...