A Problem With My Controller


Hello, I was using an Xbox One controller and used XinputPlus to get my triggers working correctly. However, after a fresh windows install I am trying to setup my controls again but after I add the dll for xinput to the folder my controller ceases to work for the game. And if I try and continue into the game it begins to spam buttons and even ended up recreating my character, thankfully it does not save unless you save the new character. But why is xinput no longer working as before, I can play the game as before but without xinput I can't assign any buttons to my triggers. What could be causing the issue if it worked fine beforehand, it seems the problem lies with xinput as the controller works as expected without, but when I try to fix the triggers it becomes an issue.

Aleron Ives

BB does not support Xinput controllers at all. You need a DirectInput driver to use your controller with PSO. I have no idea how you would have gotten it to work before unless it was enabling DirectInput silently without your knowledge.