1. Kackalack

    A Problem With My Controller

    Hello, I was using an Xbox One controller and used XinputPlus to get my triggers working correctly. However, after a fresh windows install I am trying to setup my controls again but after I add the dll for xinput to the folder my controller ceases to work for the game. And if I try and continue...
  2. brionac

    A M$ Xbox 360 Controller Driver [Windows 7/8/10] that still supports the Playstation 3 Controller

    [/SPOILER] Summary 1. Install SCP Toolkit 2. Install Antimicro & Configure It 3. NEW STEP: Install & Configure Palette Manager [The Source Is in Section 4 in Here] 4. Enjoy! [See Some Tips in Section 5 in Here] Addendum I got into detail on how I make this work for me in this post.