A M$ Xbox 360 Controller Driver [Windows 7/8/10] that still supports the Playstation 3 Controller


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I just installed Windows 10 the other hour, and I found out that my old Playstation 3 (PS3) controller can still play PSOBB. I stopped reading an article not too long ago about someone not having any driver support to play, so I thought that I should leave this article in a list of search results for emulating an Xbox 360 controller with a PS3 controller without having to use my former software like MotioninJoy, Xpadder, and BetterDS3 back when I used to be on Windows 7.

Please download and install the following software in the order listed based on this article by Driver Easy, which I don't recommend you download, at your own peril.

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013
Microsoft .NET Framework 4+
Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2
SCP XInput Wrapper for PS3-DS3 Toolkit Post (Download and install the binary for version

EDIT: I forgot to add a video mentioning the steps in case the article isn't good enough.

I tried this video for a simpler way to go about this using a more recent update to SCP Toolkit from their Github releases page, but I decided not to use SCP Toolkit anymore.

Instead, I decided to go the extra mile and use the old fashioned DS3 Tool from Motioninjoy without using the most up-to-date version at my own risk. If you like to try it, here's the link to a video recommending this strategy and a zipped attachment to help you get the download that I used. Also, I attached a zip file for the Better DS3 Tool for later instructions below. The tip is to use the DS3 Tool Local exe file to install the driver, and to do this properly, you need to follow this video's instructions carefully. Make sure you do not open the regular DS3 Tool exe file as that is not going to work. After that, follow this video tutorial on making the switch to using the Better DS3 Tool if you don't want to use Xpadder and would rather use Antimicro; see the spoiler about Antimicro and Better DS3 below for more information.

To use the controller over and over again after every restart, make sure you have a shortcut for the DS3 Tool Local exe file and press Enable at the bottom of the Home tab. Also, make sure to have Playstation 3 selected for Dinput instead of Xbox 360 for Xinput; then open Xpadder with to create a PS3 controller's profile so that it will be set up and ready to go for next time. Here's a recommended video to set up the Xpadder configurations for the first time.
If you're interested in this setup instead, that means you rather like to use Antimicro instead of Xpadder. The reason is that Xpadder uses all of the PS3 controllers buttons under the Dinput driver from the DS3 Tool while Antimicro uses all of the PS3 controllers buttons under the Xinput driver. It's technical, but experience the difference yourself to know what I mean.

If you set the DS3 Tool to use the Xbox 360 driver with Xinput, this is the right place to be. Next, close DS3 Tool Local, and open Better DS3 to autofill an Xbox 360 profile as shown in a video previously linked above. Once you have Better DS3 activating the controller, open Antimicro and use this video as a guide on how to set up the controller and profile settings; it should be as easy as opening it up and minimizing it like Xpadder. You can close out the Better DS3 every time you boot up the computer after applying the controller's profile in Better DS3 successfully.


1. Install SCP Toolkit

2. Install Antimicro & Configure It

3. NEW STEP: Install & Configure Palette Manager [The Source Is in Section 4 in Here]

4. Enjoy! [See Some Tips in Section 5 in Here]

I got into detail on how I make this work for me in this post.


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