1. Spuz

    Make Mag Reverser useable/work.

    It doesn't work as we all know. Since it is a mag trigger for mags; those that have it are kinda wasted spots? I heard it's meant to be in offline mode only so maybe let solo mode have this?
  2. G

    [Solved] JoyToKey doesn't receive controller input while in PSO

    Hey, I'm new to Ephinea and currently trying to set up my Xbox One Controller to get started. I know that there are many topics discussing problems with Xbox Controllers, but none of them appears to address my specific problem. I've connected my Xbox One Controller to my Windows 10 PC and it's...
  3. Spuz

    Basic Mag information.

    If there are any queries about the thread or about mags, ask away please. ------------------------------------------ We now have a Wiki for Ephinea so feel free to check out mag information there! ------------------------------------------ ____________________________________________ Section...