1. Lantana

    ATP bug.

    I just logged on to do some unsealing when I noticed I suddenly could not equip a lame on my FOnewm. With the gear I had equipped I usually have 814 ATP, I thought it was weird so decided to deposit my Gifoie Merge to replace it with Red Ring (for the extra ATP). After depositing the Gifoie...
  2. A

    Lost items

    Hello people of Ephinea. This happened just around an hour ago I'd say. I dont know what is happening at the moment but I was with Miong and she gave me a lame d'argent. We were doing a TTF so I could test out how the killcount worked and a Dragon's claw dropped for me in that run. Finding out...
  3. EvilUpholsterer

    MAE Tickets Disappearing

    Could someone please fix the thing where if you go to the quest counter and turn in the quest when you already have the maximum number of MA4 Tickets, they all disappear? I was very disappointed last night when I was going to exchange them, only to find I had all but 2 tickets in my possession...
  4. S

    Not Receiving Quest Reward for Government quest 1-3: Subterranean Den

    On my hunter, I completed the Government quest 1-3: Subterranean Den on Hard and I was unable to receive the award from Irene. She told me "here is your reward", then a blank text box showed up and when I went to go look in my inventory nothing was there. I was supposed to receive the weapon...
  5. Shnaps

    Server commands not working

    A friend of mine has recently just started playing pso, and whenever he tries to type in server commands (ex. /lobby, /bank) it just spits them out as regular text and doesn't actually do the server command. Strange enough it did let him use /modsecid while in the ship lobby, it seems to only...
  6. G

    0xc000007bc error when trying to open "more" in launcher video settings

    ive updated my NET and distributables library or what ever to the latest i still get this error also happens when i try to run options.exe as admin. My main goal is to reduce video settings to run the game at a better frame rate on my integrated graphics
  7. anime

    A> Dark Meteor 0/0/0/0|75

    Minimum bid 1 PD +24:00 per bid @ffeJ @Recovery @SLU @Yuffie bug man let's redo
  8. Ryuuhime00

    Mag suddenly changed and gained levels

    I don't know how it happened, but I had my Mag set at 49/0/0/50 before I logged off yesterday. When I logged back on today to finish feeding my Mag to have it evolve into a Sato, it was suddenly a different Mag and had gained levels! As mentioned before, the stats before were 49/0/0/50 and the...
  9. Asmod3hus

    Warp Bug

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this thread has already been posted, I didn't find anything on the forum. We started playing yesterday with my friend, I created a party so He could join me and we started the 1st Govt quest : 1-1 Planet Ragol. The intro of the quest works fine but when we take...
  10. I

    When using a gun, game crashes

    Whenever I (or anyone in the party) fires a gun, my game crashes completely. Any help at all? I have tried everything.
  11. Spuz

    Blocking bug.

    So, a few times recently I was blocked from players I didn't know. And yes ofc they might not just like me whatever, idc. But last week sometime (forgot to post) I was cmoding with @Bagarozy and a group. And when we got to 2c4, John who I was just talking too in the Lobby had me 'blocked' from...
  12. .Kuja

    Dark Bringer PB bug?

    Not sure if a bug but: When i try to avoid the Dark Bringer's dash using my PB activation, it does avoid the damage, but the PB animation doesn't start and therefore i don't get the PB effects (no S&D for example). It happened to me twice today.
  13. F

    Items Not Appearing in Quick Menu - Antidote & Antiparalysis

    I was reverting to old Gamecube habits of quickly using an item to cure an effect from the quick menu (not sure what else to call it.) and noticed that the item does not even appear in the list. I check though the normal menu and I got x10 of them. I check the quick menu again, nothing...
  14. Pso131262837537548198


  15. M

    HTML in launcher title

    The title of the launcher displays HTML (meta-charset): Ephinea launcher: meta element in title by Mad posted Aug 30, 2016 at 11:11 PM
  16. Ephinea launcher: meta element in title

    Ephinea launcher: meta element in title

  17. ★AGGREBEE★

    Game sound cuts out completely, wouldn't close on own

    I was just doing a Mines run with my nub HUcaseal, having a good time killin' robots when all of a sudden the game's audio just... Stops. No BGM, no sound effects, no nothing. All other audio on my PC was working fine, so I know it's just PSOBB. I checked my volume mixer and PSOBB wasn't muted...