Game sound cuts out completely, wouldn't close on own


lmao gae bolg
I was just doing a Mines run with my nub HUcaseal, having a good time killin' robots when all of a sudden the game's audio just... Stops. No BGM, no sound effects, no nothing. All other audio on my PC was working fine, so I know it's just PSOBB. I checked my volume mixer and PSOBB wasn't muted or at 0. I told the only person with me in the lobby (Chosimba) I was going to restart my client to fix it, so I did. Or at least I tried. I exited to the main game menu, then tried to close the game from there. It wouldn't close. Black screen. I closed it from the Task manager.

Just relaunched the game and things seem to be running fine. Anybody else have these issues before or know what the problem is? I seem to recall someone saying their game audio cut out but I don't remember their name.


It's a known issue.
At least I have experienced it several times before.

When the sound stops out of nowhere, I know I have to go change blocks (to save the data) and restart the client.