1. Spuz

    Fixing Slow Gibbles.

    When you first log on the enemy Gibbles will spawn normally but after you've been playing a while, they spawn for you a lot slower. What I mean is, after they land, and stand up to be targetable, at this point they take forever to stand up aka being slow. I am unsure why this happens but I am...
  2. Spuz

    EXP Glitched/Desync

    Recently since the last update, EXP keeps rising but you do not receive level up. If you change blocks it reverts to what it should be. Example:
  3. Spuz

    DMC-fix broke.

    Since the last update, DMC has now started happening everywhere and also the self-DMC remains. Figured I should say. When DMC-fix was released it worked it's best, but since then every update just broke it a little from what I can tell. I can't remember what the issue was that made the 1st...
  4. Detourist

    Evolved to Sumba on RAmar!?

    So I've been working on building a 15/100/35/50 Bhima to max out my RAmar at lv 200 (-9 Evade). As I always liked to do when I was playing on Schthack and Ultima, I got the mag to lv 10 on a FO to get the Leilla pb for a touch of individuality, BUT here's where the unexpected problem occured...
  5. Ah, yes, my favorite rank.

    Ah, yes, my favorite rank.

    D ranp OW'O}O

    Game sound cuts out completely, wouldn't close on own

    I was just doing a Mines run with my nub HUcaseal, having a good time killin' robots when all of a sudden the game's audio just... Stops. No BGM, no sound effects, no nothing. All other audio on my PC was working fine, so I know it's just PSOBB. I checked my volume mixer and PSOBB wasn't muted...
  7. Oth

    Vol Opt Form 1 Glitch

    Is it actually fixable or is it implemented in Ephinea because it was present (and never fixed?) in the original games?