Dark Bringer PB bug?


Not sure if a bug but:

When i try to avoid the Dark Bringer's dash using my PB activation, it does avoid the damage, but the PB animation doesn't start and therefore i don't get the PB effects (no S&D for example).

It happened to me twice today.
That's normal. When a bringer charges he has an effect to cancel all your attacks and unequip your weapon. And since PB is classed as an attack it cancels it.
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Did you gifoie (if you can use techs) for the first charge? Kill him quickly after that. Problem solved.

Although sometimes an indi belra will spawn across the room from a spawn you just finished. You're on HUnl and Jellen wont reach it. Love it when that happens.
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@Spuz I thought the charge effect was "damage+disarm", but what you say makes sense.

@Nyte Thanks for the advice. Yes i'm HUne, and normally i just shoot them from afar with Last Swan to stop their charge.