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Guildcard 2
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The information in this thread has now been moved to the Ephinea Wiki. Please check the below pages for the most up-to-date information:

Forest: Rag Rappy - Savage Wolf - Barbarous Wolf - Booma - Gobooma - Gigobooma - Monest - Hildebear - Dragon
Cave: Evil Shark - Pal Shark - Guil Shark - Poison Lily - Nano Dragon - Pan Arms - Grass Assassin - Pofuilly Slime - De Rol Le
Mine: Gilchic - Dubchic - Canadine - Canane - Sinow Beat - Sinow Gold - Garanz - Vol Opt
Ruins: Dimenian - La Dimenian - So Dimenian - Claw - Bulclaw - Delsaber - Chaos Sorcerer - Dark Belra - Dark Gunner - Chaos Bringer - Dark Falz

VR Temple: Rag Rappy - Dimenian - La Dimenian - So Dimenian - Poison Lily - Monest - Grass Assassin - Hildebear - Dark Belra - Barba Ray
VR Spaceship: Savage Wolf - Barbarous Wolf - Pan Arms - Gilchic - Dubchic - Delsaber - Garanz - Chaos Sorcerer - Gol Dragon
Central Control Area: Merillia - Meriltas - Gee - Ul Gibbon - Zol Gibbon - Sinow Berill - Sinow Spigell - Gi Gue - Gibbles - Mericarol - Merikle - Mericus - Gal Gryphon
Seabed: Dolmolm - Dolmdarl - Sinow Zoa - Sinow Zele - Morfos - Deldepth - Recobox - Delbiter - Olga Flow
Control Tower: Del Lily - Ill Gill - Epsilon

Crater: Sand Rappy - Satellite Lizard - Yowie - Boota - Ze Boota - Ba Boota - Zu - Astark - Dorphon
Subterranean Desert: Goran - Pyro Goran - Goran Detonator - Merissa A - Girtablulu - Saint-Milion - Shambertin - Kondrieu

All Boxes (Temporary Page -- will all be moved to appropriate locations eventually)
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Added the box counts. I am yet to go around and personally try out quests for this myself so some areas are missing; mostly in Episode 2. If anyone knows any good hunts for boxes that I can add to the list, please let me know!
This is a good reference even if you play the gamecube version. Definately watching thread!
It's been a while but everything is updated.
Point of Disaster (FULL)
Christmas Fiasco
Missing Maracas
Cal's Clock Challange
Maximum Attack E: Episode 1
Maximum Attack E: VR
Maximum Attack E: Gal De Val
Maximum Attack E: Epsiode 4
Hallow Phantasm: Jungle
Hallow Reality: Temple
Hallow Reality: Spaceship
Lost Shock Rifle
Lost Bind Assaults
Lost Fill Cannon
Lost Charge Vulcan
Lost Berserk Baton
Lost Spirit Striker
Sweep-Up Operation #1
Sweep-Up Operation #2
Sweep-Up Operation #3
Sweep-Up Operation #4
Sweep-Up Operation #5
Sweep-Up Operation #6
Sweep-Up Operation #7
Sweep-Up Operation #8
Sweep-Up Operation #9
Sweep-Up Operation #10
Sweep-Up Operation #11
Sweep-Up Operation #12
Sweep-Up Operation #13
Sweep-Up Operation #14

  • The whole thread has been updated with spoilers for each enemy to make them more easily accessible.
  • Videos/threads from various players have been added in the appropriate enemy/area:
    Stevies Mill Lilly Guide
    Zens Gi Gue hunt
    Motes Olga Flow hunt
    Anime's PW3 Box Guide
    My Rappy Holiday Guide
    Ledge Dropping Guide
  • The correct names for ma2v2 have now been added along with a map for the Lilly route due to player confusion.
  • A new enemy ''Mericarand'' has been added to the list and the info for that is coming soon.

To Do:
  • Add Xrd/Rev quests after playing every route and doing analysis.
  • Finish Mericarand Info and add.
  • Add a section with Best quests for EXP/Meseta/Unsealing.
  • Edit notation sizes as some are too large/unedited still.
  • Edit quest categories (some say 'Event' and some 'Event Only' and I dislike this inconsistency).
  • Add/Make more videos of hunts.

If anyone sees any errors or typo's please let me know as this is a lot of info and I have probably missed something, much appreciated.
If anyone knows of any hunts for enemies or boxes that I have missed please also inform me and I will check it out and add.
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Another Update-
  • The Mericarand info has been filled in with big help from @Ender saving me having to run each of the quests a million times.
  • Added some box quests for Mountains/Jungle/Spaceship.
Hi all,

This post has now been unstickied and all information moved to the Ephinea Wiki. The OP has been reflected to update this, with links to the appropriate information for anyone who has this bookmarked or stumbles across it.

Since this is a popular post, I figure it would be a good idea as to why I am ruining all your lives and what you're used to.


There's something of an "issue" with PSO information in that all the information is spread out across many different places (websites, forums, wikis, pastebins, etc.), and on Ephinea we would like to try and consolidate all this information into one place -- the wiki. For the most part this is information pertinent to Ephinea, but I am not necessarily against hosting information for PSO in general (say, information for dev, information about older versions, and so on, if it needs a place to go)

This has a couple of advantages:

1. Everyone knows exactly where to look for the information they need (in this case, the wiki! You just use the search bar for what you want) instead of having to jump across many different websites or discords.
2. With everything in one place, it allows people to have all the information they need quickly as well. To explain what I mean:

Let's say you want to hunt Heaven Punisher, and you see the drop table on the wiki as follows:


You decide that you'd like to hunt it on Purplenum, but you don't know where to hunt Mericarols, but all you have to do on the wiki is click Mericarols and it'll take you to the page to find out:


While on this page you might also find out other pertinent information that could be useful, such as (in this case), noting Mericarands or knowing what the enemy you're hunting is weak to elemental wise, and so on and so forth (we're still working on the enemy pages, this is just a WIP so far, for example recommended strategies for killing each enemy will be a thing too).

From this page, you could also click onto the quest names to then find out more information about the quest, and you'll then be pretty knowledgeable about what you want to do from here. (quest pages are just enemy counts for now, but more could be added later)

In short: The wiki allows people to access information much more easily and intuitively without having to search around for everything they need.

3. Information being on the wiki means anyone can correct or update it, information doesn't need separate threads if the OP goes away for example.

There will be a section for player-made guides eventually as well, for those guides that aren't information, but more strategy/advice that don't fit on any specific page (for example, Stevie's Force Guide here). More on that though, once I setup some things I'll make a sticky here on some quick wiki editing advance.

If you're interested in helping out on the wiki, we have a discord here. You can help in any way, whether it's just prettying up the pages, adding images, dumping data for people to transfer to other pages, etc. etc.