1. Spuz

    E4 Boss Guide

    Boss Fight: ----- If you are on your FO in the cave and he retreats, with 1+ crystals not destroyed you can try and destroy them with grants as he retreats. It has super long-range so easy to get a quick snipe and it is after all the biggest weakness the boss has. RA can try to HS Zerk...
  2. Spuz

    TE/ADR Guide

    Tyrells Ego Wiki Tips: Count Format: The format in which the numbers are displayed are as follows- Only number: Amount required to open door or finish room. First number: Amount required to open door. Second number: Amount that spawns after the door has opened. Bracketed number: Special...
  3. Spuz

    ES Weapons/ S-rank Info & what you should make.

    All info can be found on the Wiki including all the weapons stats & info. Made this guide so people can get an idea of what ES weapons/S-ranks to make; but please remember it is all objective and you can do as you wish; it is not a rule of thumb. If anyone has any opinions, please share...
  4. Spuz

    Mag Feed Plans

    Will be going over many plans (eventually), just posting what I have for now. Was going to add to Basic Mag Information guide but the plans are so big they take up way to much space (40k character limit per post). So I made this thread with many posts ( a whole page) reserved for adding more...
  5. Spuz

    Monster/Box Finding Guide

    (Edited by Matt: 25/07/2021) The information in this thread has now been moved to the Ephinea Wiki. Please check the below pages for the most up-to-date information: Forest: Rag Rappy - Savage Wolf - Barbarous Wolf - Booma - Gobooma - Gigobooma - Monest - Hildebear - Dragon Cave: Evil Shark -...
  6. Zen

    Hunter's guide (WIP)

    Hello Ephinea. I decided to make a guide focusing on Hunters as it is a hard class to play efficiently, with a lot of counter-intuitive mechanics. (Note that this guide isn't forcing you to play in a certain way. It is meant for players looking to improve their gameplay, who are interested in...

    Data on on selling weapons for meseta to in-game vendors

    A little bit ago, I took some informal notes on what weapons sell best to in-game vendors to pad out your meseta flow. I decided to do some formal testing in Sandbox to get some concrete values. Here are the results of my research. Weapon type As expected, each weapon type sells for a certain...
  8. Spuz

    Hardcore Price Guide.

    Updated 03/11/2019 Please Read Before Posting: This list is for the Hardcore Economy and is by no means based off or around items in regular-mode. Use this thread as prices will vary between modes. This list is by no means perfect, but I have given as much detail/specification on everything as...

    The Big Ol' Guide to being a RAmarl

    So, you want to be a RAmarl, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve got some time as a RAmarl under your belt already and you’d like to boost your game to the next level. Maybe you’re an old Gamecube or XBOX veteran that played RAmarl with your friends or solo, but it’s been so long that...
  10. Spuz

    Rappy Holiday Guide: The road to Hildes.

    This guide is to show you how to get to Forest 2 (asap) as an alternative hunt for Hildebears (75 in total). Here is the quest info on psow if you want to have a look. Note: If you are using the ''Walmart patch'' playing Rappy Holiday would be impossible. While you could have someone play the...
  11. Spuz

    HBR guide: Ranking System + Quest info.

    The wiki now contains information on HBR so feel free to check that out! This guide includes: HBR boosts per set (A set is a playthrough of all the quests within HBR once) Explantions into DAR/RDR DAR/RDR Information Previous HBR Quests Usefull links Old HBR Information Notes: Hunters Boost...
  12. Ceri0n

    Analysis of this months HBR drops. The Endless Nightmare Series

    About every month the HBR changes. I will try to make an analysis of it at the very beginning so you know what to hunt on this one. This months HBR will be seen as an easy one since it is an EP1 HBR and there is no time limit. It is advisable to have someone above lvl 160 with you if you are...
  13. xSHIVAx

    Guide for Creating and using own Models in game

    not available anymore
  14. Spuz

    Lost Hell Pallasch: Hunting Guide.

    This is the enemy count for Lost Hell Pallasch and the best routes to take. It may not be the best hunt in general but it comes up in the LOST E1 Hunters Boost Road every now and then. In LHP you start each area split in a 2v2 team setup (It's based on the player gem colour) and complete half...
  15. emoticon

    How to Obtain Christmas Mag Cells

    UPDATE (2016/1/8): It's currently not possible to collect holiday mag cells. Tune in next December! Hi everyone! Since the Christmas season is wrapping up, I thought it would be a good idea to share in detail about how to grab a few more holiday mag cells for those who are still missing some...