Rappy Holiday Guide: The road to Hildes.


Without rain, nothing grows.
Guildcard 2
This guide is to show you how to get to Forest 2 (asap) as an alternative hunt for Hildebears (75 in total).

Here is the quest info on psow if you want to have a look.

Note: If you are using the ''Walmart patch'' playing Rappy Holiday would be impossible. While you could have someone play the mini-games for you, not seeing the fireballs dropping would cause you to fail, most likely pretty easily (since you cannot dodge).

Step 1. Before going down to Forest ensure you are stocked and ready. I would also recommend using Cure/Shock otherwise this might get just a little bit annoying, your 10 sol atomizers won't last you long. Another thing I recommend is to NOT wear Brightness Circle. You will find out why in the Forest 2 section.
  • If you haven't played before or have played and have less than 10 points go to step 2.
  • If you have 10+ points skip to step 3.
  • If you have already played and have 30+ points skip to step 4.
  • If you did a playthrough of Gallons Treachery and have a Friendship Fragment already, skip to step 5.
You can check at any time during the quest what points/items you have by going to the main menu > item board > quest board. It will all be displayed there.


Step 2. You want to locate this Rappy to buy some points (as you start with 0)
I recommend buying 10 points only and no more. This is because the price per point keeps going up and up, so be careful not to keep buying and destroy your funds. (10 points will cost 22,500 meseta).


Step 3. Gather or borrow points (until you have 30 minimum). You are free to roam forest one and play whatever game you wish in order to gain points though personally, I would recommend doing ''Glow Ball Catcher'' as this is the most efficient way. This will cost you your 10 points however you will receive 15-20 points for catching so many glow-balls.

  • Ensure to be spinning the camera around whilst looking to the sky so that you can see the glow-balls asap.
  • There are two types of glow-ball, a slow falling one (Blue) and a fast falling one (white) and they always fall in pairs (the timing will change).
  • Because of falling in pairs if you see one always assume the other one is coming somewhere so say, for example, you see the blue glow-ball falling try to stand under/near it whilst looking around to locate the white glow-ball.
  • Try to stand in the center, in the open area otherwise you may have glow-balls falling into the wall in which you cannot get, this will also help with the tree not blocking your view. (They fall within a certain distance around where you are located.)

If you play with someone who has lots of points, they can pass this Rappy: 10, 20 or 50pts to hold for the next person who speaks to him.


Step 4. Now that you have some points we can start working towards getting a Friendship Fragment. In order to obtain this, you need to talk to this rappy (He will ask you to collect 4 stamps).

When it comes to this ''Stamp Rally'' you can do it a few ways.
  • You work in a team and each pay 20 points to play the rally and then split up and collect the one or two stamps each. As long as all 4 have been collected it will display in your quest info and you will all be able to get the Fragment. (You cannot collect a stamp unless you have paid the 20 points)
  • You can do nothing, and pay no points. Yes, how easy is that?! Just let someone else do all the work. As long as they get all four stamps you can still collect the Friendship Fragment without even paying the 20 points to play the rally.
  • The Stamps do not need to be collected in any specific order.
The four Rappies are located here:
Glow Ball Catcher


Glow Ball Race

Find the Rappies

Chicken Race

In order to get to these you need to play four games:
Glow Ball Catcher
  • Press the switch on the left as you enter the game (see pictures above), this will move the stomper in front of the rappy. Catch the balls with the time left and try to get 30+ glow-balls.
  • Once you have caught 30+ glow-balls the laser fence in front of the rappy will disappear (You may have done this already if you were collecting points earlier).
  • Start a new game and go talk to the rappy in the corner get the stamp and finish the game catching what glow-balls you can. (If you had the fence open previous to the rally because of collecting point you can just press the switch and talk to him in one game)
Glow Ball Race
  • This one costs 500 meseta to participate and you have to take part and win all three races (when asked after each race).
  • You will be given access to the room from doing so.
  • After getting inside as a prize for winning all three you can talk to the rappy there (see pictures above).
  • The first race you don't even need to utilize a single dash.
  • All three races can be won easily using two dashes and the rest ''Advance'' quite easily.
  • There is no need to use ???? as you can easily get pushed backward and that can be risky. Though if you find your self in a tight spot and no more dashes to utilize, then what harm would it do.
  • If you like to be risky and use ?????, I would do it early on in the race (like the first three times) because that gives you more time to catch up if it messes up.

Find the Rappies
  • This costs 5 points.
  • This is quite fast, be sure to talk to them asap correctly. Because the more mistakes you make the more they move and the more annoying it gets. Below is a picture of the rappies you need.
  • Fukki for a side quest to get Heart of Poumn is found here.
  • Once you complete this the rappy will appear (see above pictures). No specific time is needed to be beaten, just that you finish and you will recieve 10 points.
When making a game the rappies will always start in the same position so once you know that it's easy. Once you mess up and they start walking about, you loose track so easily and time rushes by whilst talking to the wrong rappies. Here is the location of the three brothers.

Chicken Race
  • This costs 3 points.
  • In order to get the stamp rappy to appear (see above pictures), you need to get ''A rank''.
  • Inside the room is a machine and a switch and lots of boxes (see below picture) if you haven't already smashed them with techs.
  • When inside the room (see below picture) it will display two choices with the word ''Stop!!'', the lower one stops very quickly, almost immediately, the top one takes a few moments longer, get used to which you prefer.
  • Prizes are: C rank- Monomate, B rank- 4 points, A rank- 7 points, S or SS rank- Gain entry to room.
I personally use the top option (slower stopping) and aim to press it around where the machine & switch are located in order to get the ranks required.

Once you have collected all four stamps you go back to the same rappy whom started the rally and he will give you the Friendship Fragment.


Step 5. Go back to the chicken race and this time attempt to get S rank or SS rank, by doing so you will be granted access to the room. You can then press the switch in the room which will open the door. (You may have this done already from attempting to get A rank previously).


Step 6. Go and save Flat (a rappy) from some enemies. Talk to her and she gives you a Rajuenda Flower. Located here:

You may have also already done this from when you were attempting to get A rank on the chicken race as the door that you open from that room leads to Flat. If so and you did do it before worry not! It does not matter if you do this before, after, or during the stamp rally. What matters is that both/all things get completed and you get both items. If you do get to this area before finishing the Rally you can warp back.


If you wish to go back to pioneer or you forgot to stock up before, now is the last moment you will be able to, once you activate the switch in Forest 2, you cannot come back. In Forest 1, however, this rappy will let you go back to pioneer to stock up or dance with your new effects.

Wait did I say dance with effects?! Yes I did, one added bonus of Rappy Holiday is that when you collect points you gather effects on your character during Pioneer. In the same way some armours give effects (Aura Field as example). You may already know this or have seen if you play with someone who has done it before (on your way to the warp at the start).

Here is a video of them all:


Talk to this rappy and he will open the entrance to Forest 2. Once in Forest 2 you can warp back to Forest 1 in the same sparkly-effect-warp but as soon as the machine is activated it will dissapear. The machine will not activate unless all party members are present.

Machine to activate:

Well done, the mini-games are done and out of the way, now it's time to hunt some hildebears!
Here is where the real fun starts because not only do you have to kill the enemies and take the correct route/press switches etcetera, you also have to dodge fireballs. You heard me, fireballs that shoot from the Hildebear god! Get hit three times and you are sent to pioneer unable to finish!

As you can see from the pictures it gives you a ring on the floor, where the Fireballs are going to land. This ring is exactly the effect you have on a Brightness Circle (Hence why you do not want to be wearing one).
  • The fireballs come in waves of three. The first one's being slower and trolls (yes they won't hit you). They are essentially to scare you into moving and running into the third/last fireball which falls a lot faster.
  • Because of this, you are able to anticipate when a real one is coming and ensure you are moving about and are not in an attack animation or standing still.
  • If you are standing still and are targeted by the fast fireball it will hit and you will be set on fire. You do not have enough speed to get away. So when you are not attacking an enemy be sure to always be in running speed even if your circling on the spot as that will give you a lot more of a chance to dodge.
  • Use weapons with smaller animations and always be on the move, using a mechgun if you don't know the fireball timing can get you hit easily due to being in the same spot for a long period of time. I would advise, charge raygun's, Heaven strikers etcetera.
  • Do not use a Photon Blast unless in a safe room, of which there is two. A fireball will target and still hit you and your party during PB.
  • Do not spam gifoie as it was cover the floor and people may not be able to see where the fireballs are going to land.
  • Try to avoid being knocked over as a fireball will land on you and set you on fire while you lie on the ground.
  • Beware of hanging near the doorway to the safe room, it can cause the odd fireball to shoot inside.

Route to take:
This room is a safe rooms: No fireballs
In this room walk through the fence area together (because a fence closes on you after you enter). This will not open until all the enemies in that room are dead. (afaik, you do not need to do this room to finish but why would you skip it? when it has soooooo many hilde, I have never tested).

This switch in the safe room opens this laser gate to continue:
A Few rooms later - this warp opens when the enemies are dead and leads to the switches:
You need to press these switches to open the door: (and kill the enemies to open the laser blocking you)
and press this machine to open this laser:


Then you step on those switches and the door will open to the last room. It requires all party members to be on the switches. If you did it solo, it would open with one person but if you had four players it would require all four players to stand on the switches. If somebody leaves the game after you have entered and activated Forest 2, this door will not open. The other day when Flan had to go, I was left in this predicament.

In the last room once completed you talk to the baby hildebear and he will let the rappies free. You then talk to the rappies and you will get a sparkly-glow-warp to pioneer.

If you completed this perfectly without getting hit by any fireballs, the rappies will let you go down to the boxes in this room:


Video playthrough:

Tour Rappy:
Avoid this guy at ALL costs, he will not be doing anything until you keep feeding him up to 50 points and then simply show you around the forest. Waste of time and points.

Shoot buttons and unlock laser fences: (For Boxes)

Mini game- Switch Lottery: You can win TP mats here, among other materials, more points, or flat out junk like monomates!

Fukki Side Quest:
  • Play the quest Gallons Treachery and get a Rankina Stone.
  • Play Rappy Holiday ALONE.
  • Speak to Fukki (Located in the 'find the rappy' game: see picture in guide).
  • Deliver the yellow fruit to Fukki's grandmother (she gives you a pendant).
  • Check your pendant in the quest board (3 times) and you will find out that it is actually a screw.
  • Take this screw to Gabbie the rappy who is into machines. (You get a battery).
  • Take the battery to the machine in the 'Chicken Race' game
  • Call the master.
  • A HUnewearl will then appear and give you a Heart of Poumn in exchange for your Rankina Stone.


Gabbie the rappy

If anyone gets better times/amounts feel free to post and I will add here.
Glow Ball Catcher
Iv'e had up to 48 before in the past but lost pictures. I believe 50 is a perfect run as I have yet to see more than that drop.
Glow Ball Race
Find the Rappies
Chicken Race

Enjoy your Hilde hunting and try not to get too frustrated with the games/fireballs!
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