1. Esther

    Quest: Twilight Sanctuary (Version 1.5)

    Episode: 2 Quest Tab: Tower Wiki page: THIS QUEST IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED! Welcome to the Twilight Sanctuary This isn't an easy quest. It's also my first one that I've ever made with the highly thanked...
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    MAE Tickets Disappearing

    Could someone please fix the thing where if you go to the quest counter and turn in the quest when you already have the maximum number of MA4 Tickets, they all disappear? I was very disappointed last night when I was going to exchange them, only to find I had all but 2 tickets in my possession...
  3. anime801

    On the menu language of Hunter guild

    I want to know how to make the Hunter guild menu display the correct language I edited the INI file under the quest folder, which is displayed in Japanese and Chinese as unrecognizable characters How can I make the task menu display as in the screenshot?
  4. Ep4_soutou4


  5. Nahte

    Walking off in random directions after some quests.

    I'm not sure why this is, but, when I complete certain quests, I often find myself teleport to the Hunter's Guild, then immediately walk in a random direction as the quest NPC is talking. I can't stop my character during this. Sometimes I'll end up walking towards the principal's teleporter...
  6. kromlech

    Adding govt quests to solo conflicts with momoka's menu, why?

    Question time again. This time I've been trying to add govt quests to the solo hunter's guild menu by adding them to solo\epX\govt\, (govt, not princ like for multiplayer) and adding that path into the solo.ini file for the respective episode. That works, except it makes Momoka's real govt...
  7. Esther

    Full Tyrell's Ego Run (ADR Run) [Full]

    Heyo! I'm looking for a full ego run. This'll be my second ADR. Thanks! Discord = Spiritaph#8177 So far the crew consists of: closed In-Game Name (Class) - Discord) 1) Spirit (FO) - Spiritaph 2) Godric (RA) - ketchupgeek 3) Spuz (???) - Spuz 4) Klekt (HU) - Klekt The quest is going to assumed...
  8. Spuz

    Rappy Holiday Guide: The road to Hildes.

    This guide is to show you how to get to Forest 2 (asap) as an alternative hunt for Hildebears (75 in total). Here is the quest info on psow if you want to have a look. Note: If you are using the ''Walmart patch'' playing Rappy Holiday would be impossible. While you could have someone play the...
  9. Spuz

    HBR guide: Ranking System + Quest info.

    The wiki now contains information on HBR so feel free to check that out! This guide includes: HBR boosts per set (A set is a playthrough of all the quests within HBR once) Explantions into DAR/RDR DAR/RDR Information Previous HBR Quests Usefull links Old HBR Information Notes: Hunters Boost...
  10. Well this was an awkard time to start a cutscene.

    Well this was an awkard time to start a cutscene.

    Alica, could you maybe, take a few steps back please?
  11. Tattletail