1. Spuz

    B> Magic Stone Iristia

  2. Spuz

    S> Meseta (400k:1) (Closed)

    I have 120mil I am currently willing to sell. Buy as much or as little as you want. Also accepting payment in Halloween Cookies at a 4:1 rate.
  3. Spuz

    B> 100h Diska (or any Slicer type) [CLOSED]

    100h x1 (200pds - willing to go higher if has some Dark already) Special is irrelevant and must have room for Dark %.
  4. Spuz

    E4 Boss Guide

    Boss Fight: ----- If you are on your FO in the cave and he retreats, with 1+ crystals not destroyed you can try and destroy them with grants as he retreats. It has super long-range so easy to get a quick snipe and it is after all the biggest weakness the boss has. RA can try to HS Zerk...
  5. Spuz

    TE/ADR Guide

    Tyrells Ego Wiki Killing all 1055 enemies within the 1-hour time limit can be tough, especially with a lack of hidden spawn knowledge so I made this. Tips: Count Format: The format in which the numbers are displayed are as follows- Only number: Amount required to open door or finish room...
  6. Spuz

    A> Excalibur 40/20/0/0 (CLOSED)

    CHB: @kel'k w/25pds, 23/03/21 @04'07 (UTC) Reserve: 5pd Initial CD: 48hr from 1st bid Reset CD: 24hr
  7. Spuz

    B> Eggs (2:1) / TP Materials (4:1)

    4 TP : 1 PD 2 Egg : 1 PD x134 TP's to go Can take 9pds worth currently.
  8. Spuz

    PDA> 430 Mind Materials [CLOSED]

    CHB: @SweetWilly014 w/12pds, 17/03/21 @10'31 (UTC) Reserve: 1 Initial CD: 48hr from bid (17/03/21 @ 16'55 UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid
  9. Spuz

    A> Spirit Calibur 60h [CLOSED]

    Clean Stats CHB: @RUGAL19 w/ 1pd, 13/03/21 @8'11pm (GMT) 48 cd after first bid 24 cd after that Reserve: 1pd
  10. Spuz

    A> ES Berserk Cards +150 [CLOSED]

    ES Berserk Cards with Berserk Special: Usually costs 40 pds to add special + 25-30 pds for ES weapon. A nice equivalent to Guardiana (as these cards can SNS while Guardiana cannot) CHB: @Ender w/41pds, 13/03/21 @12:'11am [GMT] 48 cd after first bid 24 cd after that Reserve: 5pd
  11. Spuz

    A> DLS 20/0/0/0/25 [CLOSED]

    Reserve: 15pd 48 cd after first bid 24 cd after that CHB: @CHUCKNORRIS88 w/15pd, 09/03/21 @5'41am [GMT]
  12. Spuz

    My Guides.

    This thread is basically a placeholder just to keep all my guides in one place. 5-2: Holiday/Love Rappy Hunt: - (Updated: N/A) Anti-Dark Ring / TE Guide: - (Updated: 14/10/2021) Basic Mag Information: - (Updated: 13/10/2021) Mag Feed Plans: - ([Updated: N/A) E4 Boss Guide - (Updated...
  13. Spuz

    B> Halloween Cookies [closed for now]

  14. Spuz

    A> Vjaya 50h [Done]

    Clean Res: 30pds 48h from 1st CHB 24hr from any others CHB:
  15. Spuz

    B> Meseta [700k:1]

    As title specifies, 1pd for each 700k. Looking to buy as much as you can give.
  16. Spuz

    Challenge Mode Picture Thread

    It is always really fun to see all the crazy gear that people find in the runs and share with each other but the main picture thread gets flooded with everything in normal mode. Because of that I am making this thread so we can share Challenge Pictures to look over in awe. Whether it gets used...
  17. Spuz

    A> Lame d'Argent [0/0/25/0|15] [DONE]

    25 Machine, 15 hit. Reserve 15pds 48 hours from 1st bid. 24 hours from any other bids. CHB: @Yuffie Saturday 16:41 (GMT) - 30pds END: Sunday 16:41 (GMT) If lazy to unseal yourself you can pay @kanae 1pd to get it done.
  18. Spuz

    A> Tyrell's Parasol [0/0/0/0|15] [Done]

    Reserve 1pd 48hr from 1st bid 24hr from any other bids CHB: @Deathswsay Saturday 06:42am (GMT) - 4pds
  19. Spuz

    A> Max Stat Barrier & Frame Bundle (Non-Rare)

    -It isn't all of them but most, missing a few. -Auctioning them all together. -Good for new characters/lowbies, some of them have great resists for falz etc -Good for collectors. -All slots are 4s also. Reserve is 5pds 48hrs from 1st bid, 24hrs from any other bids. CHB: @DccD Friday 22:20...
  20. Spuz

    A> Madam's Umbrella [20/0/0/0|25] [DONE]

    Reserve: 1pd 48h from 1st bid 24h from any other bids CHB: @KatawaFriendo Wednesday 5.45am (GMT) - 4pds End: Thursday 5.45am (GMT)