The Big Ol' Guide to being a RAmarl


The monkey is in the basketball!
So, you want to be a RAmarl, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve got some time as a RAmarl under your belt already and you’d like to boost your game to the next level. Maybe you’re an old Gamecube or XBOX veteran that played RAmarl with your friends or solo, but it’s been so long that you need a refresher. Maybe you’re never played RAmarl for whatever reason (Dreamcast-only player, just never tried her in GC, XBOX, or official BB) and you want some pointers. Thankfully for you, I’m a veteran RAmarl guide and I’ve got the scoop that’ll let you play a RAmarl to her fullest.

Note to any RAmars reading this: many of the weapon choices also work for you!

RAmarl basics

If you’re reading this, you probably already know the basics of a RAmarl. If not, here they are.

The RAmarl is a female human Ranger that has good technique abilities to go with her guns. She can use all of the ranger guns out there and has access to level 20 techniques. Her male counterpart, the RAmar, has access to only level 15 techniques and cannot use debuffs, giving her an edge in those departments. She has low HP and attack power for a weapon-using class.

Now that’s done, here’s why RAmarls are worth playing.

Why RAmarl?

* You can do anything: buff and debuff well, eliminate strong enemies, freeze, paralyze, crowd control and even catch up with the Casts in terms of damage. You’re a hell of a jack of all trades, and you can almost excel in every role you have to do. From my experiences, a RAmarl is always welcome in a team. The exception is Time Attack, where you’re better off with other choices for single-player and team TAing.

* Have the second highest accuracy (ATA) in the game. Thanks to your high ATA, weapons with hit %s aren’t as important to you as they are to other classes. Laugh as you hit things with with the same ratio thanks to your inherent ATA that would take a RAcast 20 hit % to do the same!

* Solo like a champ. If you need to do some soloing, the RAmarl is your girl. Her diverse gear, level 20 buffs and debuffs, and good stats can let her do almost everything.

* Make the evasion stat useful. The RAmarl has the most evasion (EVP) in the entire game, and with a large amount of it, EVP is actually very nice to have. You’ll be able to block most melee attacks with your high EVP in Ultimate Forest and Caves at high levels, stand a good chance at blocking in Ultimate Mines and even Ruins, and basically be immune to melee attacks in One-Player Ultimate Episode 1 and all of online Very Hard and lower.

* The best handgun animation in the game. Yes, it looks stupid seeing your badass military girl shooting a pistol like she’s a gangbanger, but it’s actually faster than the regular handgun animation. With her, it’s speed is much closer to her rifle animation’s speed. Speed counts.


What makes or breaks a RAmarl are her weapons. Thankfully, she has a lot to choose from.

Single target projectile weapons

Guns that hit a single target are the most basic of guns in the game. RAmarls have plenty of good options to let them beat the hell of out single enemies.

* Charge Vulcan: The bread and butter of major asskicking for almost every class. The Charge special greatly increases the amount of damage per shot, and with the 9 shots a Vulcan can shoot, that can add up to a lot of damage very quickly. Charge uses easily-replenishable money too! Even with the RAmarl’s low attack strength (ATP), you can still shred bosses with it if you’re buffed and the target is debuffed. 50 hit ones are so common there’s no reason not to get one.

A good alternate is the TypeME/Mechgun with charge special you can get from various events. A TypeME/Mechgun with 40 hit will have two less ATA than the classic Charge Vulcans with 50 hit and don’t get as much benefit from Shifta as Charge Vulcans do due to their less variable ATP, but overall they’re the same as a Charge Vulcan in terms of practical effectiveness, just with a different glowy thingy and shooting blue bullets instead of yellow.

If you don’t want to use Charge, you can swap it with a Berserk or Spirit Vulcan with 50 or more hit too. Those are just as viable as a Charge Vulcan. If you like a Berserk Vulcan more, it might be worthwhile to look for an M&A60 Vise, which will be discussed later.

* Heaven Striker: The ultimate ranger handgun. It is a mix of very good attributes; high damage, good ATA, rifle range for most attacks, and a berserk special that basically works as autoaim, letting you hit jumpy enemies easier and worry less about missing because you were angled as the wrong way, but it looked fine at first glance. The only downside is that the special attack has Shot range instead of rifle range, but frankly that’s only a problem if you’re trying to do something like hit Dark Falz 3 from across the arena (and the normal attacks work fine for that). This is great for removing medium-strength foes at a distance, like the Ob Lily or the Zu. It’s also a good choice when you want to take down some dangerous enemies, like the Mericarol, from a distance.

* Frozen Shooter: This weapon is one of the best options a RAmarl has for stunning enemies. One shot from the special will freeze a foe for several seconds if it connects. This can make some very difficult areas, like Phantasmal World 4, into a cakewalk by letting you freeze strong enemies like the Mericarol. And, with the RAmarl’s high ATA, you don’t really need extra ATA to make it work. It’s accurate enough that you can even freeze enemies with high evasion, such as the Deldepth, with one combo if you’re close to or at max ATA. Never leave home without a Froozer, as the cool (no pun intended) kids call it.

* Demon’s S-Rank Mechgun: Normally, this would be mentioned this in the S-Rank section, but it’s too important not to mention here. Demon's decreases an enemy's current HP by 75% if it connects. If you try to use Demon’s with a regular mechgun (the ones in orange boxes, in other words), each shot will have far less odds of activating Demon’s than a bullet from a handgun or rifle with Demon's would. But, there is a way to bypass this. If you add a Demon’s special to an S-Rank Mechgun, you have the ability to inflict full-power Demon’s against a foe 9 times because the game considers each shot from it full-powered. That means you can easily shred enemies with high hit points or defense to pieces with a Demon’s S-Rank Mechgun.

Now, RAmarls have naturally low ATP, so they won’t be doing as much against large enemies as other classes will. But with Demon’s, you can bypass this. By using a Demon’s S-Rank Mechgun against enemies like a Delbiter, Dorphon, or Episilon, you can actually take out most of their HP faster than almost everything else in the game! That lets you bypass the RAmarl’s low ATP and be of very good use against stronger foes. Getting one costs a lot of Photon Drops (PDs), but it’s very worth the initial investment. For someone that wants to be peak RAmarl, a Demon’s S-Rank Mechgun is a must-have, or if you just want to be able to actually inflict damage on bigger foes at lower levels. Even at high levels, you can still take down strong foes as well as, or even better than, many other classes.

* Arrest Laser: The Dorphon and Girtablulu enemies in Episode 4 are immune to freezing, but not paralyzing. With an Arrest Laser that has high hit (think 40 or more), you can paralyze pains like the Dorphon in order to make things much more manageable. This works even better if you have a v501 or v502, as they increase the odds of paralyze working. You won’t be paralyzing as well as a Cast will be since you don’t have their inherent boost to paralyze, but at least your shots will be hitting more thanks to your better ATA.

* Demon’s Laser: A Demon’s Laser is a great way to inflict major damage on strong enemies from a distance. Demon’s removes 75% of a foe’s current health if it connects, which can be a major help when dealing with tough enemies like the Ill Gill or Dorphon. With the Laser’s inherently-high ATA and a good hit % (40 minimum, but 50 is highly recommended), you can help take down strong foes in relative safety.

The Bringer’s Rifle works as a cool alternative that has a little more inherent ATA, but if you have a Force on your account, it might be better to let them have it and you pop ‘em with the Demon’s Laser.

* Hell Laser: Another damn Laser? Yes, but this is the last one. A Hell Laser is great for enemies weak to Megid, such as most of the enemies in the Central Control Area. With 40 or more ATA and a v501 or v502 (v502 recommended) to go with it, you’ll be deleting enemies almost as soon as they come up. Even without a v501 you can do some good damage and reach out and touch foes that your Hell Raygun-using companions can’t reach.

* Yasminkov 9000M: The Yas9k, one of the more sought-after weapons in the GC and XBOX versions, still has some life left in it. It’s a mechgun, but has the range of a rifle. If you need to reach out and touch enemies from a distance, such as Darvants and Dark Falz, while still doing good damage, a Yas9k fits the bill, though the Heaven Striker makes it completely obsolete. Even with the RAmarl’s low ATP, you can still inflict good damage with it.

* Last Swan: The Last Swan combines a good mechgun with handgun animations and range. With the RAmarl’s animations, the Last Swan is a very fast mechgun. It has a good amount of ATP for a mechgun too, so you can lay down the pain, even with a RAmarl’s low ATP. While not 100% essential, a Last Swan is a great choice for those that want a mechgun, but can’t stand how open its animations leave you. It doesn’t have the strength of a Charge Vulcan, but it does let you attack a lot more and gives you more time to dodge attacks and enemies.

* M&A60 Vise: This rare mechgun is basically an upgraded Berserk Vulcan. With a high amount of hit, it’s more accurate and does more damage than a Berserk Vulcan with high hit. If you prefer a Berserk Vulcan instead of a Charge Vulcan for your single target damage purposes, try to look for this. The problem is that getting one with high hit can be difficult. You have to either use the slot machine in Gallon’s Shop and hope you get lucky, or go hunting Ultimate Ul Gibbons as a Purplenum in order to have the chance of one with good hit dropping. Still, if you like Berserk, it’s worth looking for.

Multi-hit weapons

Rangers are great for crowd control, and the RAmarl is no exception. Here are some of the best CC weapons for her.

* Demon’s S-Rank Needle: Another S-Rank weapons that’s so good it needs to be mentioned with the regular weapons. See, a RAmarl’s biggest flaw is her low ATP, which means she’ll be doing fairly average damage while her teammates will be doing much more. But, with Demon’s, you can bypass her low ATP and do a ton of damage per shot (75% of an enemy’s current HP if it hits). Combine this with a fast-firing weapon, like a Needle, and you can be very effective with crowd control. A Demon’s Needle will let you clear out crowds fast with average teammates (I’ve managed to clutch some timed quests with low-level players in Ultimate thanks to a Demon’s Needle) and catch up with an army of buffed HUcasts in terms of damage. The non-Demon's attacks can also inflict a great amount of pain on a group if you have level 30 Shifta and the target has level 30 Zalure on it. Even level 20 buffs and debuffs can work once you have a high enough level.

As a RAmarl, a Demon’s S-Rank needle will be your best friend. Try to get one as soon as you can.

* Charge Arms: The Charge Arms with 50 hit is a great crowd control weapon. With it’s charge special, you can put the hurt on up tow five enemies, even with the Arms low ATP. The easy to find 50 hit version ensures that your bullets will hit more often than not. But, the problem is that it does noticeably less damage than the other shot choice, the Baranz Launcher, does. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice between Baranz and Charge Arms. Both are great crowd control weapons.

A TypeSH/Shot with a Charge special and 40 hit from various events is a good substitute for a Charge Arms with 50 hit if you have the eggs for it. It’s essentially just as effective as a Charge Arms is.

* Baranz Launcher: The Baranz Launcher is a shot-type weapon that has some differences compared to the usual shot-type weapons. It fires four shots instead of five and the “bullets” are physical objects that can be evaded easier thanks to the AI’s occasional tendency to spin around like an idiot or move at just the right time for it to “dodge” the shots. But, it compensates for these with two very big advantages; the highest ATP for a shot weapon that actually acts like a shot and a charge special, which makes it even stronger. As a RAmarl, you’ll need every bit of ATP you can get, especially in the early to mid levels for Ultimate. You should try to go for a Baranz Launcher as soon as you can; it’s got the power you need to keep you viable throughout the game (before you get a Demon’s S-Rank Needle, anyway) and is fairly easy to obtain (most Parts of Baranz usually cost about 2 to 3 PDs; a steal for such a good weapon). Even though I’ve been using my Demon’s S-Rank Needle for a long time, I always keep my Baranz Launcher with me to defeat bosses that have multiple points you can hit, such as the Dragon or De Rol Le, or just for something different.

* A bazooka: Bazooka weapons seem like gimmicks at first; they shoot a powerful shot that hurts nearby enemies when it hits something, but cannot be fired in a combo. However, they have infinite vertical range and can hit multiple targets in one shot, which gives them a good bit of use against certain bosses. See: the Dragon, De Rol Le, Gal Gryphon, and their variants are made of multiple areas to hit them with. They also have phases where they’re fairly far away from the team. Starting to see how bazookas could be useful? With a bazooka, you can hit the Dragon while he’s flying, De Rol Le while he’s swimming around, and Gal Grypon while he’s moving around in the air. Plus, all of these enemies have multiple areas to hit, letting a bazooka really max out its damage. You can even kill bosses with these weapons. With a bazooka, you can end certain boss fights faster. Some people even fight the Gol Dragon and Gal Gryphon, exclusively with a bazooka because of how fast those foes are, letting them hit those two nasties without having to constantly reposition and get close to either one.

For an actual bazooka, the Cannon Rouge is the best in the game. However, the bazooka is a fairly niche weapon, so a Gi Gue Bazooka can still be very effective while being easier to get. The Ano Bazooka is also a good beginner’s bazooka if you need one sooner than later.

* Hell S-Rank Needle: One more S-Rank weapon in the regular weapon section? Sure.

When combined with the Hell special, the S-Rank Needle can shred groups of Episode 2 enemies into pieces, particularly in the Central Control and Seabed areas. The Needle’s fast rate of fire and ability to hit up to five foes at once means enemies can be insta-killed very fast. You’ll need a v502 to really get the most out of it, but a lot of damage can still be done even without any v50x unit. Just make sure you’ve got a lot of ATA so that your shots connect in the first place.

Melee weapons

Even though you’re a ranger, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and do some meleeing, mostly thanks to the Satellite Lizard and Yowie enemies (also known as the lizards), which are immune to projectiles that hit them from the front. Thankfully, the RAmarl has several good choices in the world of melee.

* Charge Gungnir: The basic melee weapon every Ranger should have when starting out, the RAmarl included. A Charge Gungnir lets you hit multiple enemies at once, and thanks to its Charge special, lets you inflict good damage on foes, even with a RAmarl’s low ATP. Remember to get at least 40 hit (50 preferred) so you can constantly hit enemies with your special attacks. Until you move onto bigger and better melee weapons, you should always have a Charge Gungnir with you.

* Excalibur: What can be said about the Excalibur? It’s a Saber-type weapon that can hit three enemies at once and has a Berserk special, letting you put the smackdown on enemies’ asses. Oh, and don't forget that it has inherently high ATP, letting you put the hurt down, even as a RAmarl. Even better is that it’s ability to hit multiple targets makes it great or dealing with bosses that have multiple parts, such as De Rol Le. Use your Excalibur on them and watch as you quickly tear into them because you hit multiple parts with one swing. Oh, yes. For best results, get one that has Native % on it so you can down lizards faster. Hit % optional, but always good to have.

* S-Beat’s Blade: One of the “ubers” from Dreamcast V1 still has a lot of use for a RAmarl against Satellite Lizards and Yowies. Its special attack is Hell, which gives it high odds of insta-killing enemies weak to Megid and other insta-kill attacks, which includes the Satellite Lizard and Yowie. It has the same odds of killing instantly with each swing, unlike regular daggers would. RAmarls also have good dagger animations, so combine all of the above and you have yourself a nice little lizard killer that’s cheap to get. And, as a bonus, you can improve it’s hit by using photon crystals (see this for more), so with a little bit of PC investment and a V501 or V502, you have a solid lizard killer that can keep up with even Hunters.

* Vivienne: The Vivienne is the third (or second, depending on your view) best double saber-type weapon in the game. Boasting great ATP, you use it to bring the pain against lizards or any son of a bitch that gets close to you as you’re beating the tar out of lizards. This is always a good option if you’re playing as a female class, including the RAmarl.

* Daylight Scar: Remember how it was mentioned that the RAmarl has good dagger animations? Well, this also means you can make good use out of the Daylight Scar, the overall most powerful dagger in the game. It has high ATP and a Berserk special, which means you can quickly shred lizards with it if you can take care of yourself. Like the Excalibur, Native % on it means you can kill lizards faster.
S-Rank weapons

Rangers really get the most out of S-Rank weapons and the specials you can add to them. The RAmarl is no exception.

* Hell S-Rank Shot: An S-Rank Shot with a Hell special is a nice little alternative for an S-Rank Needle. While it fires slower than a Needle, it has longer range, which is nice for things like spread out groups of enemies or that one gaggle of Gees that’s just far enough that you have to move in order for your Needle to hit them. Ideally, you’d have both a Hell S-Rank Needle and S-Rank shot to deal with enemies at both ranges, but there’s nothing wrong with going with one or the other if you don’t have the PDs for both of them.

* Hell S-Rank Scythe: Satellite Lizards and Yowies can present a problem, as they usually come in large groups. Most of the RAmarl’s anti-lizard weapons can’t hit a lot of targets at once, which can be an issue. What’s a RAmarl to do? Why, use an S-Rank Scythe with the Hell special added to it! A Scythe has long range for a melee weapon and can hit a lot of enemies with one swipe. Combine it with the Hell special, which lizards are weak to, and a v50x unit and you have yourself a nice little Lizard killer that can take them down as well as Hunters can. Very handy, especially for those that like to play solo.

* Berserk (or Spirit) S-Rank Launcher: You like your bazookas, but wish you could add a little more “oomph” to them? With a Berserk special, you’ll do more damage than you could before thanks to its sacrificial special that drains HP to put the pain on. Great for killing De Rol Le and his variants faster.

* Berserk (or Spirit) S-Rank Needle: For those that prefer doing direct damage instead of using Demon’s, an S-Rank Needle with either the Berserk or Spirit specials is a great choice. The sacrificial specials add a bit of bite to a Needle’s damage, which works great when combined with it’s fast rate of fire. Sure, you won’t be outdamaging Casts, but at higher levels, you can do some respectable damage with it.

Support Weapons

A RAmarl can do some good supporting, and there are weapons out there which let her support better.

Clio: The Clio is a cane the RAmarl can use. What makes it good is that it doubles the range a RAmarl’s Zalure can hit enemies. Her Zalure’s range is fairly short, so if you find yourself Zaluring often, pick up one of these so that your Zalure is able to really reach enemies. Just make sure to switch to a better weapon once you’re done Zaluring, because it’s not that hot as a weapon.

Tyrell’s Parasol: This partisan-type weapon is great for those RAmarls on buffing duty, as it doubles the range Shifta and Deband reach other players. It’s fairly common to be in situations where your buffs can’t reach everyone at once, so pack a Tyrell’s to make sure everyone is getting buffed at once so everyone’s buffs are in sync.


You’ve got guns and beatsticks, now you need to protect yourself from the baddies’ attacks.

Lieutenant Mantle: The Lieutenant Mantle is probably the best overall armor for a RAmarl; not for it’s stats, but for it’s special ability combined with good stats. The LM lets non-Casts see traps, which is very handy. And, as a RAmarl, you have guns that let you easily pop traps from a distance. Combine these two and you can be a one-woman demolition crew, blowing away traps before anyone else gets close and without the help of a Cast. A must-have for soloing, since you can’t rely on Casts to take out traps for you.

The Sense Plate lets non-Casts see traps as well, but the LM has a lot better stats overall and is easier to get. There’s no need to bother with the Sense Plate.

Brightness Circle: If you’re looking more for pure defense, the Brightness Circle is a good choice. It combines nice DFP with very good dark resistance. Since female classes do not have access to the Dress Plate, this is the best dark resistance females can get from armor. If you find yourself wandering around areas with lots of Megid-shooting foes, this is a good thing to have.

Stealth Suit: The Stealth Suit gives jack for defense, but it has a whopping 300 EVP. With the RAmarl’s naturally high EVP, this can be a very good thing. And, as a bonus, the way its programmed let you attack faster after switching weapons. Since you’ll be swapping weapons often as a RAmarl, this can be very useful indeed.


You’ll need a shield to go with your armor, right?

Ranger Wall: The Ranger Wall is by far the second best shield in the game. Why? When equipped, it adds an extra 20 ATA to your ATA after it adds up the ATA given by your weapon. Since ATA is your lifeblood as a RAmarl, this is a very, very good thing. And, it comes with two extra perks: it can be equipped at a fairly low level and can be easily obtained from the Gallon’s Shop quest. Once you know about it and how to snag it, there’s no reason not to get it as soon as you can and keep it until you get a Red Ring. It is seriously good.

Red Ring: The Red Ring reigns as the king of shields for the RAmarl (and every class really) because of its stat boosts. For RAmarls, it not only boosts ATA by the same amount that the Ranger Wall does, it boosts every other stat as well. If you can stand grinding Towards the Future over and over, it’s worth it.


Sometimes, a girl’s gotta accessorize, and units help you do so.

V101: The V101 is a must-have for the RAmarl. It combines a Heavenly/Battle (40% increase to attack speed animations) and gives 15 to every stat except for ATA, which it gives 1.5. Attacking faster makes you a lot more effective, and the stat boosts are the bonus on top. Get one.

Heavenly/Battle: If you can’t get your hands on a V101, a Heavenly/Battle works as a great substitute. It has the same attack speed increase that the V101 does, but lacks the stat boosts. Still, attacking as fast as you can is very useful in this game. A God/Battle also works as a substitute for a Heavenly/Battle if you can’t get you hands on one.

Adept: The Adept is a stat-booster similar to the V101, but has some different properties. While it boosts most stats only by 10 instead of 15, like the V101 does, it jacks up your ATA by 20 instead; very nice. It also cuts TP consumption by 25%, which includes using the special attack of a Spirit weapon. If you need a great ATA boost while increasing your other stats, the Adept is the perfect choice. Spirit users will also love it.

Centurion/Ability: The Centurion/Ability is the best general stat-boosting unit in the game. It gives 30 points to every stat except ATA, which it gives 3 instead. It’s a great unit for the late game, when you’ve got your ATA near or at max and want to push the rest of your stats closer to the max (or to them).

V502: The V502 is one hell (no pun intended) of a unit, even though it doesn’t look it at first. It multiplies the odds of freeze, paralyze, and confuse weapon specials working by 1.5, and doubles the chances of insta-kill specials, like Hell, working. If you use this in Episode 2 with a Hell weapon, you can easily slaughter many foes in it. This also works wonders when using Hell weapons against lizards in Episode 4.

It can be fairly expensive and difficult to find, but thankfully, there’s a weaker and lower-cost version of it, the V501. This makes insta-kill attacks increase times 1.5 instead of two, but it’s better than nothing.

Cure/Shock: The Shock status effect sucks. It’s basically Paralyze, but only Sol Atomizers can cure it. And, enemies tend to inflict it right when you’re in the middle of a heated battle, such as against Vol Opt or from Zol Gibbons. Sure, you can chug Sols, but that messes up your rhythm and gives enemies an extra second to move away from you. With a Cure/Shock, you’re immune to Shock, letting you keep up the attack against Shock-spewing foes. This can be very handy against Ultimate Vol Opt 1, as the time needed to cure Shock can give him an opening to get away from you. It’s not as useful as it used to be now that Sols can always be purchased at stores, but it still comes in handy quite a bit. If you have the room for one, use it.

Heavenly/Arms: Until you start getting close to level 200, you won’t be able to hit max ATA on your own. To fix this, use a Heavenly/Arms or two. This’ll let your attacks connect a lot more (very useful in low-level Ultimate) and gives your special attacks more of a chance to connect. With one or two of these on, you’ll be. You can also substitute with a God/Arm if you can’t get a Heavenly/Arms. Once you’re 7 or less ATA to hitting the maximum amount, you can swap it with an Elf/Arm so that other characters can use the Heavenly/Arms instead.


You’ll need a little extra to really get going as a RAmarl.

Level 20 Shifta, Deband, Jellen, Zalure, and Resta: As a RAmarl, you’ll often have to be the main source of buffs and debuffs in a game. Try to get level 20 buffs and debuffs as soon as you can so that your buffs and debuffs can be at their maximum strength.

Level 20 Resta: Being able to heal is a very, very good thing, so get a level 20 Resta sooner than later to make the most out of your heals.


A mag is vital to your growth as a RAmarl. The stat boosts it can give are a huge boost to your usefulness and power.

A classic RAmarl mag is the 5 DEF/150 POW/45 DEX/0 MIND build. If you’re following specific max stat plans, you might have to adjust this a little bit (like having a little more POW), but overall it’s a rock-solid mag for RAmarls. You can’t go wrong with this one.

When making your mag, ensure that it has the Mylla &Youlla photon blast. This PB gives level 20 Shifta and Deband, and can be boosted to crazy levels (up to level 80 Shifta and Deband!) with a photon blast chain. While you already have level 20 buffs at your disposal, there are times where you’ll need to be the one that’ll have to do M&Y for a photon blast chain.

A great mag type to aim for is Sato. It is not only cute, it also grants the user temporary invincibility for every opportunity a mag can activate its special skill. This can be a lifesaver in some cases, such as it making you invincible when your health is critical. Making a Sato can be a pain, so follow the guide here to learn how to get your own. If you don’t want to or can’t make your own Sato, you can pay a mag feeder on a server to do one for you. Other mag types work fine too, so don’t feel bad if you can’t or don’t want a Sato.


Materials boost your stats. As a human class, the RAmarl can use 250 materials, which gives her a lot of room for growth. Matt has already made some great material plans for RAmarls, which you can see here. I personally use the max stat one, but it’s up to you on how you want to play.

And of course, don’t forget to use HP materials as soon as you get them! The RAmarl’s HP is pretty low, so HP Materials help a lot.

Section IDs

A section ID that suits a RAmarl is a great companion. Below are some of the best section IDs for RAmarls on Ephinea. If you’re playing on another server or older version of the game, ignore this.

Greenil: Greenils can find the mighty Heaven Striker, a must-have for any RAmarl. They can also find the V101, V502, Handgun: Milia, Cannon Rouge, Frozen Shooter, and Heavenly/Arms. In additon, they have higher odds of finding Rifle-type weapons than other IDs do, so it’s easier to find Lasers with good specials and hit percentages.

Purplenum: Purplenums can hunt for the Heaven Striker, Yas9k, Frozen Shooter, Parts of Baranz, Spread Needle, Heavenly/Battle, and Heavenly/Arms. What makes them extra special is that they have the highest odds of finding common mechguns, so a good Vulcan with a nice Charge/Berserk/Sprit special and good hit% is more within reach than with other classes.

Redria: Redia is a great overall ID for most classes, RAmarl included. With a Redria ID, a RAmarl can look for a Spread Needle, Red Ring, Heavenly/Battle, V502, Brightness Circle, Cannon Rouge, Heavenly/Battle, Heaven/Striker, and Centurion/Ability. They also have the best Lavis Cannon and Moneky King Bar hunts in the game if you need some extra PDs or just want to have some really rare stuff.

Whitil: Whitil is a well-balanced ID for RAmarls. With it, they can find the V101, Parts of Baranz, Red Ring, V502, Lieutenant Gear, Limiter, Red Ring, Handgun: Guld, Handgun: Milla, and Frozen Shooter. For extra PDs, Whitil has a lot of easy Diska of Braveman drops in Episode 2. Snag a few with good hit (30 or more) and you can make enough to easily afford the stuff you want.


The key to success for using weapons right is combos. Here are some that work well.

“N” stands for Normal, “H” stands for Hard attacks, and S stands for “special attacks.

S-S-S: the classic S-S-S is great for Hell weapons, since you don’t need to worry about inflicting damage. You are aiming to insta-kill a target, so you need to maximize your chances at getting that. S-S-S also works for a semi-support role with Demon’s weapons, as it maximizes the chances of Demon’s connecting at the cost of not being able to kill an enemy before someone else does.

S-S-N: This combo is a good one for Demon’s weapons. This gives you several chances at having Demon’s activate, and the quick Normal hit at the end lets you finish off a foe that’s been wounded by Demon’s.

N-S-S: This works as a general purpose combo for weapons that have the Charge, Berserk, or Spirit specials. The first shots ensures you do some damage, while the other two are the meat of your damage. This also works when using Hell weapons against lizards, as the first shot will reset their attack animation, while the rest will attempt to Hell them.

H-S-S: If your ATA is near max and your weapon has a lot of hit % on it, this is a good alternate to the N-S-S combo for Charge, Berserk, or Spirit weapons. The Hard hit will do more damage than a Normal one will.

Progressing as a RAmarl

Let’s face it, starting as a RAmarl sucks, like with any other class. You start out with the sci-fi equivalent of a .25 caliber Jimenez Arms pistol, have a basic mag, awful armor, and no shield at all, despite the story saying you’re one of the elite hunters out there. You’re gonna have to work it to really start doing good as a RAmarl. Here’s a quick guide that’ll help give you some goals on what to do.

Step 1: Get the essentials

First off, you’re going to need a gun that hits a single target, a gun that hits multiple targets, a melee weapon, buffing techniques, Resta, and armor that has three or more slots for units. Focus on getting these first, and try to make sure they have a decent amount of power. Without the minimum gear you’ll need to succeed, you’re not going to hit your potential as a RAmarl. Being able to cover a lot of situations as a RAmarl is a very good thing, and the sooner you can do it, the better.

Step 2: Get a God/Battle or better unit

A good unit that can increase your attacking speed is vital in the world of PSO. With it, you can beat the hell out of enemies faster and give yourself more time to avoid enemies and their attacks.

If you have other characters, it’s likely that you already have a God/Battle or better unit lying around. If you do, give it to your RAmarl as soon as you can.

If you don’t, you’ll have to do a little bargaining. As you play, you’ll probably find a Photon Drop. As soon as you get one, try to trade it for a God/Battle unit. These usually cost 1 PD and are more than worth the cost. Do this sooner than later and you’ll have more fun and be more effective.

Step 3: Get a Charge Arms with high hit or a Baranz Launcher

One of the most important things a RAmarl (or any Ranger really) can do is crowd control, and you’re going to need the tools to do so. A Charge Arms with high hit or Baranz Launcher are very cheap and are the standard to which other Ranger CC weapons are based on, so get one of them, or both even! Charge Arms with hit should cost around 1 PD, while a Baranz Launcher or the Parts of Baranz needed to make one will be 1 or 2 PD.

Step 4: Get a Charge Vulcan with high hit

A Charge Vulcan with high hit is the gold standard of inflicting a lot of damage on a single enemy. You can get one of these with a single PD.

Step 5: Get a Charge Gungnir with high hit

At some point, you’ll need to play Episode 4. And, the lizards in Episode 4 are immune to your guns if you shoot them at their fronts. You’ll need a melee weapon to deal with them, and a Charge Gungnir with high hit is the best available option for you to deal damage to them starting out. Like Charge Vulcans, Arms, and Baranz Launchers, they’re cheap, costing only one PD.

Step 6: Get Rayguns or Lasers with the Demon’s, Arrest, and Hell specials

The last thing you’ll need to really get started as a RAmarl are a full set of single-target guns with the Demon’s, Hell, and Arrest specials, preferably with high it. The Laser works best because of its higher ATA, but Rayguns with those specials are easier to find and can work almost as well.

Step 7: Play

Now that you’ve got all the basics down, you’ll be able to do great as a RAmarl. Keep playing, find more rares, trade for stuff you need, and feed your mag. Make sure to get your buff and debuff techniques to level 20 too!

For a goal to get you started, try to look for a Spread Needle. The RAmarl’s low ATP will hinder its effectiveness, but it’s still nice to have and can come in handy for quests with lots of enemies you need to hit quickly. It’s a good little gun until you can afford a Demon’s S-Rank Needle and really start needling like a pro.

That’s all! I hope this gave you a better idea on how to play and take your RAmarl. The RAmarl is a great class when you know how to play her, but it takes some knowledge of what works with her to see her true potential.
epic. Also, I found that cannon rouge hits vol opt through the wall, so you can shell the broken screens to quickly beat the first section
I've played ramarl a bit. I recommend trying N-S-H or N-S-N with your demon mechs. You can potentially combo kill with these combos. Also, ramarl is used in a wide variety of TA. She's a really great class.
I think Ramarl has an easier time starting than Ramar at least. Til level 80 Ramarl beats Ramar in every stat but ata even.