1. R

    Picking up PSO Again - Quick Tips

    Turns out I have an account on Ephinea from back in the day but I've forgotten a lot about the game and the server. I want to start a new RaMarl as I've always liked the solo buffing/ranged playstyle and I have a some things to start with. My character data says I still have a 20/140/40/0 Rappy...
  2. C

    B> Min Maxxed mag for RAmarl, preferably Kama

    Hello, and I am seeking to purchase a min-maxxed mag for RAmarl. I prefer a Kama, but will take any other suitable mag. Color is not important to me. Please DM me on my discord of click2winipod Thank you in advance and I greatly appreciate it.
  3. C

    B> 0/149/46/0 Kama mag

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a 0/149/46/0 Kama mag specifically for my RAmarl. Please dm me here, but I am more available on my discord of click2winipod Thank you in advance I'm most available from 1400 - 1900 EST but am willing to be flexible. Thank you in advance and take care.
  4. Spuz

    A> Striker Units x5 ~ [All RA & Leveling] [Closed]

    Now that I have a Heaven Punisher, I have no need for these fridges. [188 Dex] <--- Leveling Mag [5/148/47/0] <--- RAcast Min/Max [5/152/43/0] <--- RAcaseal Min/Max [5/155/40/0] <--- RAmarl Max Stats [5/160/35/0] <--- RAmar Max Stats Reserve Price: 10pd Countdown: 48hr: Timer Started...
  5. danmct

    Tyrell's Parasol [0/0/0/20/45H] [winner| AspectVQ]

    Ever dreamed of becoming the greatest support to have ever lived? This weapon is a great melee AOE for female FO's or RAmarls alike, place your bids today! Countdown: 48H Reset: 24H Reserve: 1PD Accepting: Cookie = 4PD
  6. Firkraag

    Ranger Equips [CLOSED]

    CLOSED! Please visit my regular trade list here! [/spoiler]

    The Big Ol' Guide to being a RAmarl

    So, you want to be a RAmarl, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve got some time as a RAmarl under your belt already and you’d like to boost your game to the next level. Maybe you’re an old Gamecube or XBOX veteran that played RAmarl with your friends or solo, but it’s been so long that...
  8. Tao Chaos

    Tao Chaos

    char pix
  9. ElPeloRojo

    New Compared to Most

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd put up a little about me since I do like to join people and vice versa. Normally, I'll/I've be playing on my RAmarl character named Sheily. I've been playing for a while just to see how things are on the server and see what the community is like. I'm glad I found...