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UPDATE (2016/1/8): It's currently not possible to collect holiday mag cells. Tune in next December!

Hi everyone! Since the Christmas season is wrapping up, I thought it would be a good idea to share in detail about how to grab a few more holiday mag cells for those who are still missing some.

Intro to Christmas Mag Cells

For the uninitiated, the Christmas-exclusive mag cells are the following (resulting mag in parentheses):
  • Heart of Angel (Angel Wings)
  • Heart of Devil (Devil Wings, Devil Tail)
  • Panther's Spirit (Panzer's Tail)
  • Kit of Hamburger (Hamburger)
  • Kit of Mark III (Mark III)
  • Kit of Master System (Master System)
  • Kit of Sega Genesis (Sega Genesis)
  • Kit of Sega Saturn (Sega Saturn)
  • Kit of Dreamcast (Dreamcast)
See this guide on PSO-World for information about how to evolve these mags once you have the appropriate cell, and take a peek here to check out how the console mags look or here to check out the others!

There are three ways to collect Christmas mag cells:
  1. Running the Pioneer Christmas quest
  2. Donating 9 differently colored presents
  3. Hunting St. Rappy
Each of these methods will net you at least one Christmas Present, which upon being opened, will unveil a random holiday mag cell!

Pioneer Christmas

The quickest way to get a single Christmas Present on your own is by doing the Pioneer Christmas quest (Episode 2 > Single-player > Event). This guide on PSO-World for this quest is quite good, but I'll outline the quest here anyway. Some important notes before we start: this must be done at Ultimate difficulty to get the Christmas Present, there is no combat involved whatsoever, and you can only get 1 Christmas Present per character using this method.

Upon starting the quest, make sure to talk to the Forces standing near the guild counter. They'll serve as your translators; without them, you'll be unable to understand the rappies' tongue.


The quest involves a series of four memory puzzles. You must press the switches in the order that the rappy indicates to proceed. To earn a Christmas Present, you must first do every puzzle at Level 3 difficulty without making any errors. Refer to the PSO-World guide for the solutions to each puzzle.

When tackling each puzzle, be careful not to tap a switch twice on accident! Also, feel free to ignore all rappies aside from those guarding the switches--unless, that is, you'd like to eavesdrop on some rappy gossip.


Once you've conquered all the puzzles without mistakes, you'll be rewarded with some atomizers, and you'll unlock a new Level 4 difficulty for the puzzles. Then, you can run to the end of the map to wrap a weapon or armor in special colored wrapping paper! (For more information on the colored wrapping paper, see the next section.) After you're done, you can finish the quest!

Finally, you'll need to run the quest one more time (on Ultimate most likely, but I'm not sure if that's a necessity). If you can beat all the Level 4 puzzles without errors, you'll receive a Christmas Present! One word of caution: the Level 4 puzzles are a step above the Level 3 ones in terms of execution, so you'll need to be light on your feet!


Present Wrapping

This is, in my opinion, the easiest and most efficient way of amassing holiday mag cells, but it requires some time investment. An NPC on Pioneer 2 in the Pioneer Christmas quest will give you a Christmas Present, once per character, if you give her 9 different specially colored presents. The goal here, then, is obvious: collect all 9 colors!

When you complete the Pioneer Christmas quest (see the section above), you'll be granted the opportunity to wrap a weapon or armor of your choice. The color of the wrapping paper is specific to your account: all characters on the same account will always receive the same color. In order to gather all 9 colors, you'll need to enlist the help of your friends to find the other colors (or make fake friends by creating new accounts...).


In fact, the color you get is tied to your Guildcard number: taking your GC number mod 9 defines the color you can wrap. For those not familiar with the modulus (mod) operator, you simply take the first number, divide it by the second number, and take the remainder as the result. For instance, 9 mod 4 = 1, since 9 divided by 4 equals 2, with a remainder of 1.

You can use a calculator or long division (oh god, remember that?), but a trick to finding a number mod 9 without doing division or using a calculator is to sum all the digits in the number and repeat until you're left with a single digit number. For instance, my GC number is 42001701:
4+2+0+0+1+7+0+1 = 15
1+5 = 6​
Therefore, 42001701 mod 9 is 6! If you get 9 after doing this process, convert it to 0, as 9 mod 9 equals 0. (Disclaimer: this trick only works for a modulus of 9, not any arbitrary modulus)

After taking a GC number mod 9, match it to the number in this chart to see what color it gets:
0 --> yellow with blue ribbon
1 --> black with yellow ribbon
2 --> light blue with orange ribbon
3 --> pink with yellow-green ribbon
4 --> magenta
5 --> blue
6 --> yellow
7 --> vermillion (orange)
8 --> green​

My GC number mod 9 was 6, and looking at the image above, you can see that I do indeed get yellow wrapping paper, which is consistent with the chart!

All right, after you've collected all 9 colors of presents, pat yourself on the back! The difficult part is over! With all the presents in tow, load up Gallon's Shop (Episode 2 > Multiplayer > Shop). Talk to the man staring out into space.


He is apparently looking for inspiration for present wrapping, and, what do you know, you've got 9 special colors to show him! Once you show him a color he hasn't seen before, he'll be very moved, and you'll gain the ability to wrap presents of that color at Gallon's.


After showing him all 9, I'd recommend checking to see that you can wrap them all. Head over to Gallon's actual shop and select one of the wrapping options. Choose an item to wrap (any item will do--you can back out of this transaction later), and he'll offer you 10 different color options: the original white with pink ribbon, plus the 9 special colors. If he does not have all these options, then you overlooked a color somewhere when you were showing off your goods to the present-wrapping fanatic!


Now that you've gained the ability to wrap all the colors, you're free to finally exchange the presents for a Christmas Present! Load the Pioneer Christmas quest and speak to the red-haired lady in the lower level of Pioneer 2.


She's asking for donations to children, and for some reason, the color of the wrapping paper is all the matters, rather than the contents of the present (superficial much??). For each unique color you give her, aside from the regular white/pink, she'll respond with a comment about that particular wrapping. If you do not receive this acknowledgment, that means you've already given her that color on this character!


After you've given her all 9, she'll reciprocate with a Christmas Present! Congratulations!


Here's the kicker: you've already unlocked the ability to mass produce presents! Here's the process:
  1. Get 9 junk weapons or armor. I like Frames, since clean ones are 195 at the shop, but you'll need a low-level character to purchase them (e.g. level 1).
  2. Wrap each present at Gallon's with a different color, except white/pink. This will cost 10,000 meseta or 30 Gallon points per present, for a total of 90,000 meseta or 270 points respectively for the set.
  3. Transfer the presents to a new character.
  4. Donate the presents to the lady in Pioneer Christmas.
  5. Receive a Christmas Present!
The process is a little cumbersome, but I feel that it's vastly superior to the last option of gathering Christmas Presents, which is...

Rappy Hunting

Christmas Presents also drop at a roughly 88% rate from St. Rappies, which take the place of Love Rappies as the rare version of Rag Rappies in Episode 2 temple. Considering the rare mob rate is 1/512 and Christmas Presents contain random mag cells, hunting mag cells this way requires some serious determination!

One of the fastest ways to hunt St. Rappy (though it is mind-numbingly dull) is to check the first few rooms of VR Temple Alpha and then run the first few rooms of government quest 5-1.

There are two variations of free-roam VR Temple Alpha:

Variation 1 (5 rappies): You start in a small room to the north. Clear the first room (2), clear the first wave of the next room, and check for rappies (3).

Variation 2 (7 rappies): This variation is similar, but you start in the south and there's an extra hallway to check. A map would probably be clearest:


Incidentally, the first rooms of 5-1 (7 rappies) are identical to Variation 2 above!

For some variety in your rappy hunts, consider running 5-2, more of 5-1, the Temple portion of Respective Tomorrow, or Lost Shock Gungnir. If anyone has any other cool, efficient routes to suggest for hunting rappies, let me know!

Holiday Mag Cell Help

Now that you've come this far into the guide, I want to extend an offer to help you out as thanks for reading this far! If you skipped to this section, I guess that's ok too... Anyway, if there's a particular mag cell that you're itching to get and I haven't given you a cell already, feel free to send me a PM on the forum with your IGN and desired cell or contact me in game, and I'll see what I can do to help.

My IGNs: Sophie / Sylvie / Natalie / Charlotte / Ellie

Special Thanks

I wanted to give a special thanks to Melirei for her hard work in collecting the initial 9 colored presents with me, figuring out the correlation between Guildcard number and present color, suggesting that this guide be written, and reading over the draft of the guide.
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