1. Spuz

    A> 30x Ultimate Event Presents [END 150PD]

    Reserve Price: 1PH Countdown 48hr Reset Timer: 24hr ~ 08/01/24 @ 12:21 (UTC) Current Highest Bidder: @kisada w/150pds Minimum Bid Increment: +2pd
  2. Spuz

    Christmas Raffle [Raffle Has Ended]

    What you can Win: Roll 11: @Blacklist's Donation: Skyly & Oran Card + 1PD @Meecho Roll 12: @grant's Donation: Berserk Gatling 60h + 1PD @Meecho Roll 13: @Dubtaps' Donation: Madam's Umbrella [0/0/0/25|50hit] Roll 14: @Dubtaps' Donation: Mag Cell Pack + 1PD @Meecho Roll 15: @Geneflow's...
  3. Xmas


    Merry Christmas
  4. Spuz

    PDA> Ultimate Christmas Present 2018

    Found in ruins Yellowboze E1 Fiasco, is white with pink ribbons. Reserve: 1pd
  5. .Kuja

    Christmas Trivia - 99 PD in prizes

    First of all, i believe i'm not breaking any rules doing this, as the prizes are free and i'll require no ingame or RM compensations from the contestants. That being said... Hey, I'm giving away 99 PDs, cuz is christmas. Below you will find 5 questions. The first 3 are 10PD value, the 4th is...
  6. emoticon

    How to Obtain Christmas Mag Cells

    UPDATE (2016/1/8): It's currently not possible to collect holiday mag cells. Tune in next December! Hi everyone! Since the Christmas season is wrapping up, I thought it would be a good idea to share in detail about how to grab a few more holiday mag cells for those who are still missing some...