mag cell

  1. mrchips69

    Mr Chips Mag Cell Shop

    Mag Cell Item > Creates the following Mag Cell Of Mag 213 > ???? Heart Of Devil > Devils Wing > Devils Tail if used on Devils wing - 2PD Kit Of Hamburger > Hamburger - 2PD Panthers Spirit > Panthers Tail - 2PD Tablet > Gueng Si - 1PD or 300k Meseta Heart Of Morolian > Moro - 6PD Heart Of...
  2. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    B> Mag supplies

    Heyo. I'm Craig and I run a mag shop here on Ephinea. I'm pretty much always looking to buy mag stuff. I'd like to buy in bulk to save but I'm usually open to single purchases. If something is crossed out I'm stocked up on it for now, but check back later! If you're interested in selling please...
  3. Draft

    A> Liberta Kit(Done)(30)

    CHB: 30 Res: 15PD Initial: 48Hrs Reset: 24Hrs
  4. hooty

    Hardcore Mags (Moved: read for details)

    Your friendly mag trainer proudly serving the HC community! **Accepting normal and hardcore currencies.** I have moved to only customs! Please visit the link below! Custom Mag Orders Please refer to this link...
  5. Slizy

    B> Amitie's Memo (closed)

    Want to purchase amities memo Ps. Also looking for RA and Fo gear. Armor/units/shields/weps Can be found here or in game Slizy or Dr. Sliz
  6. Moogle

    B > Heart of Pian

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a heart of pian. I know it's a silly item to request but it has some nostalgic value :) Thanks!
  7. E

    Tablet Mag Cell ate my Twins PB?

    Hey, I just got my mag up to lvl 100, it turned into a Rukmin, and I used a Tablet i got from gambling on it. After it evolved, my twins PB disappeared. I assume this isn't supposed to happen? Is there anything I can do about it?
  8. Kirbih

    PC> Things

    Heart of YN 0117 lv 200 Nidra (stats: 5/145/50/0) Heavenly/Luck Spirit Berdys 55 hit Spirit Launcher 50 hit Resta lv 30 Item Ticket These are all things I have for sale, along with a v101 for 15 PDs. The Nidra is NOT actually finished yet, though.
  9. M

    Evolution of system mags (Genesis, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast)

    According to the PSO World guide Episode 1 & 2 Mag Cell Combinations, you can evolve every System mag directly from a Mark 3 mag: Master System: obviously Genesis: "Kit of Genesis, (Mark 3 OR Master System)" Sega Saturn: "Kit of Sega Saturn, (Mark 3 OR Master System OR Genesis)" Dreamcast...
  10. Ganymede


    I've acquired one on my own now.
  11. emoticon

    How to Obtain Christmas Mag Cells

    UPDATE (2016/1/8): It's currently not possible to collect holiday mag cells. Tune in next December! Hi everyone! Since the Christmas season is wrapping up, I thought it would be a good idea to share in detail about how to grab a few more holiday mag cells for those who are still missing some...