mag cell

  1. Draft

    A> Liberta Kit(Done)(30)

    CHB: 30 Res: 15PD Initial: 48Hrs Reset: 24Hrs
  2. hooty

    Hardcore Mags (Moved: read for details)

    Your friendly mag trainer proudly serving the HC community! **Accepting normal and hardcore currencies.** I have moved to only customs! Please visit the link below! Custom Mag Orders Please refer to this link...
  3. Slizy

    B> Amitie's Memo (closed)

    Want to purchase amities memo Ps. Also looking for RA and Fo gear. Armor/units/shields/weps Can be found here or in game Slizy or Dr. Sliz
  4. Moogle

    B > Heart of Pian

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a heart of pian. I know it's a silly item to request but it has some nostalgic value :) Thanks!
  5. E

    Tablet Mag Cell ate my Twins PB?

    Hey, I just got my mag up to lvl 100, it turned into a Rukmin, and I used a Tablet i got from gambling on it. After it evolved, my twins PB disappeared. I assume this isn't supposed to happen? Is there anything I can do about it?
  6. Kirbih

    PC> Things

    Heart of YN 0117 lv 200 Nidra (stats: 5/145/50/0) Heavenly/Luck Spirit Berdys 55 hit Spirit Launcher 50 hit Resta lv 30 Item Ticket These are all things I have for sale, along with a v101 for 15 PDs. The Nidra is NOT actually finished yet, though.
  7. M

    Evolution of system mags (Genesis, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast)

    According to the PSO World guide Episode 1 & 2 Mag Cell Combinations, you can evolve every System mag directly from a Mark 3 mag: Master System: obviously Genesis: "Kit of Genesis, (Mark 3 OR Master System)" Sega Saturn: "Kit of Sega Saturn, (Mark 3 OR Master System OR Genesis)" Dreamcast...
  8. Ganymede


    I've acquired one on my own now.
  9. emoticon

    How to Obtain Christmas Mag Cells

    UPDATE (2016/1/8): It's currently not possible to collect holiday mag cells. Tune in next December! Hi everyone! Since the Christmas season is wrapping up, I thought it would be a good idea to share in detail about how to grab a few more holiday mag cells for those who are still missing some...