Heyo. I'm Craig and I run a mag shop here on Ephinea. I'm pretty much always looking to buy mag stuff. I'd like to buy in bulk to save
but I'm usually open to single purchases. If something is crossed out I'm stocked up on it for now, but check back later! If you're interested in selling please contact me on discord for faster replies.

Need a mag? Check out my shop! (Craig's Custom Mags)

Discord: @craig#2751

Not currently buying

Mag Food

B> Meseta 450k:1pd

Baby mags
B> Baby mags - 10:1pd or 2pd for a set of all 18 colors. These are easily acquired by creating new characters and banking the mags. PM me on discord for a costume/color guide.
B> Ephinea baby mags 2pd each

Common mag cells
B> Rappy beaks - 3:1pd
B> Heart of YN-0117 - 1pd (looking for bulk deals)
B> Item tickets - 1pd (looking for bulk deals)
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