1. Donnie

    Donnie´s Shop - Opened again - Restocked

    Hello there - my Shop is open again. Feel free to browse and message me on Discord for a trade. Or the forums, but its easier on discord for me. My handle there is Vasheranos. I accept PDS, PCS (1:1), Meseta (as listed or 1PD : 400K)...
  2. Dubtaps

    S> Lvl 200 Mags (min-max RAct, HUcl, FOml)

    RAct min-max: Agastya [5/148/47/0] [M|F|P] (Azure) 20PD Elenor [5/148/47/0] [M|F|P] 5PD Rukmin -OR- Geung-si [5/148/47/0] [M|F|P] (Dark Green) 5PD HUcl min-max: Bhima [5/131/64/0] [M|F|P] (Slate Blue) 5PD FOml min-max: Geung-si [5/68/48/79] [M|E|P] 5PD 185 Mind: Devil's Wing [15/0/0/185]...
  3. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    Mags for sale

    Hello Ephineans, I'm Craig and I sell mags. If you're interested in purchasing a mag the best way to reach me is on DISCORD. I will only be checking the forums periodically. Discounts are available when purchasing more than one mag. The mag shop is currently CLOSED. Thank you so much for...
  4. Abashiri

    Where do you get mag cells?

    Where do you get mag cells? By that I mean the items that evolve mags, not the mag feeding chart. I was only able to find a drop chart for only one of them on the PSOBB wiki. ...
  5. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    How much should a mag cost? Why?

    Title says it all How much should a finished level 200 mag cost? Why did you choose this price? Serious replies only please. Let's keep it civil and be respectful of others' opinions please.
  6. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    B> No PB Elenor Mags

    Hello, I am buying and collecting pbless elenor mags. any stats any level. paying top dollar for unleveled 5/0/0/0 elenors but I'm willing to buy any of them. These mags are no longer available on the server. I believe they came from an event a very very long time ago but I'm not sure exactly...
  7. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    A> RAcast Pioneer(5/148/47/0)(M,E,P)[Red] [Done: 3]

    I was given this Pioneer mag as part of a trade recently and thought I'd put it up for auction adoption. Stats: RAcast min/max (5/148/47/0) PB's: Mylla & Youlla, Estlla, Pilla Color: Red (color doesn't show on the mag only on item reader.) Wiki page with pictures...
  8. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    A> Gael Giel [5/147/48/0] (M|E|P) [Red] (CLOSED:15)

    Hello friends, I accepted this Gael Giel as a trade recently and I'm trying to find a good home for it. Stats: [5/147/48/0] HUmar min/max PBs: Twins, Estlla, Pilla Color: Red(color only shows on item reader) wiki page: Countdown: 48hrs Reset: 24hrs RES: 1pd
  9. Cyhyraeth

    Cyhyraeth's Mag Shop

    This is a list of the basic leveling mags that I currently have available All mags are 3 pd or 999,999 meseta each and have 120% Synchro and 200 IQ Accepting both normal mode and hardcore mode photon drops and meseta List of available mags is maintained and is always up to date Contact me by...
  10. Cyhyraeth

    Cyhyraeth's Mag Shop (Temporarily Closed)

    Offering a variety of types and colors for an affordable price All mags are 3 pd unless otherwise marked Meseta accepted at a rate of 500k:1 All mags come with 120% Synchro and 200 IQ List of available mags is maintained and is always up to date Contact me by replying to this post or by...
  11. mrchips69

    Mr Chips Mag Cell Shop

    Mag Cell Item > Creates the following Mag Cell Of Mag 213 > ???? Heart Of Devil > Devils Wing > Devils Tail if used on Devils wing - 2PD Kit Of Hamburger > Hamburger - 2PD Panthers Spirit > Panthers Tail - 2PD Tablet > Gueng Si - 1PD or 300k Meseta Heart Of Morolian > Moro - 6PD Heart Of...
  12. Arsuru

    Arsuru's Mag Orphanage

    I rescued most of these mags from a truck crash. For a small adoption fee you can bring any home with you. PM me here or on Discord for the fastest response: arsuru All mags cost 6 PDs. All mags have 120% Synchro & 200 IQ. If you are new to the server, I would be happy to work with you to get...
  13. RedtheRAmar

    B> Rappy Beaks

    Looking to buy Rappy Beaks. 2:1 PD
  14. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    A> mags pt. 2 CLOSED [7pd]

    Here's some mags. I don't want them. Maybe you do. Basically a collection of weird stat mags that I probably won't sell. Want a cheap tellusis? Here it is. Low on pds? Pay with baby mags! Good luck! This auction is sold as a bundle. Tellusis [Purple] (13/101/85/1) (M,E,P) Elenor [White]...
  15. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    A> Mind Mags x6 (CLOSED:10pd)

    Mag auction? Why not? Accepted currency: Silvers: 10:1pd Gold's: 1:1pd PDs Meseta 400k:1pd Item tickets: 1pd Countdown: 24hrs Reset: 24hrs Res: 1pd Buyout: 20pd I recently made six Mark-3 mind mags and messed up their stats a little bit. I thought I'd try to auction them off at a discount...
  16. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    B> Mag supplies

    Heyo. I'm Craig and I run a mag shop here on Ephinea. I'm pretty much always looking to buy mag stuff. I'd like to buy in bulk to save but I'm usually open to single purchases. If something is crossed out I'm stocked up on it for now, but check back later! If you're interested in selling please...
  17. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    Craig's Custom Mags - Closed

    This page is in-active. Thank you for all your support! I am truly grateful that I was able to provide mags for this server for a few years :) It might seem stupid but running this mag shop was one of my favorite gaming experiences ever. I had so much fun and learned a lot. I plan on updating...
  18. Default Color Mags Gallery by qwerty

    Default Color Mags Gallery by qwerty

    Choose your character's costume or body, and this will yield a certain mag's color based on this image.
  19. TheMilkMan

    Mag Feeding Tables Added To Wiki

    FYI. I was sick of having to go back and forth between the wiki and other external pages to get mag feeding table info, so I created the Mag Feeding Tables page. I linked out each listed table on the Mags wiki page to point to the appropriate table as well! Big thanks to @Spuz for compiling...
  20. hooty

    Hardcore Mags (Moved: read for details)

    Your friendly mag trainer proudly serving the HC community! **Accepting normal and hardcore currencies.** I have moved to only customs! Please visit the link below! Custom Mag Orders Please refer to this link...