mag shop

  1. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    Mags for sale

    Hello Ephineans, I'm Craig and I sell mags. If you're interested in purchasing a mag the best way to reach me is on DISCORD. I will only be checking the forums periodically. Discounts are available when purchasing more than one mag. The mag shop is currently CLOSED. Thank you so much for...
  2. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    B> Mag supplies

    Heyo. I'm Craig and I run a mag shop here on Ephinea. I'm pretty much always looking to buy mag stuff. I'd like to buy in bulk to save but I'm usually open to single purchases. If something is crossed out I'm stocked up on it for now, but check back later! If you're interested in selling please...
  3. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    Craig's Custom Mags - Closed

    This page is in-active. Thank you for all your support! I am truly grateful that I was able to provide mags for this server for a few years :) It might seem stupid but running this mag shop was one of my favorite gaming experiences ever. I had so much fun and learned a lot. I plan on updating...
  4. Oth

    Oth's Mag Farm & Unsealing Shop

    Mag Farm: Hello there. As I've always done in every private PSO server I've played, once again I'll be starting a mag farm. Payment will be done in either PDs and/or the equivalent in items on my Needs/Wants list at the bottom of this post or in my tradelist post in here. Keep in mind that you...