1. Spuz

    Monster/Box Finding Guide

    Updated: 09/03/21 Notes: Some quests will say ''Area 1'' instead of the area as they don't always start in order and I forgot to make notes on all of those. The Maximum Attack S quests & Beyond the Horizon have not been added due to no drops in these quests. The Xrd and Rev quests are the...
  2. Spuz

    Lost Hell Pallasch: Sorcerer Hunting.

    This is the sorcerer count for Lost Hell Pallasch and the best route to take. It may not be the best sorcerer hunt in general but it comes up in the LOST E1 Hunters Boost Road every now and then. In LHP you start each area split in a 2v2 team setup (It's based on the player gem color) and...